To Spring and Beyond!

  With many thanks (and laughs) to for this image. Yes tonight…or rather Monday night we flew, straight through into Spring!! We have officially survived another winter, whoop whoop! Okay, so maybe that isn’t so much of a feat… I mean this past winter must have been the measliest one yet! I don’t think ranking high on the measly scale means we should celebrate spring any less though - I mean it’s a whole new season! Isn’t Canada great?! If anything, having seasons change makes your really appreciate this nation. J’adore the fall fashion and pretty leaf changes, ripe with nostalgia of a fun summer gone by, then winter hits and I often get dragged down into the grey slush of sub-zero temperatures (it sounds abysmal I know) but never fear, SPRING IS HERE! I don’t know about you but I’ve noticed way more people emerging from their houses with less layers and lighter hearts – lighter hearts I know because they smile more! So how can we best capitalize on the beauty of spring?! Perhaps by embracing the great outdoors! Don’t discount me yet, I do recognize that we live in the nation’s concrete metropolis, especially here on St. George campus. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get our green on! If you’re preparing for another season of teeing-off on the green you might want to consider playing the president on April 2. No, not Obama but close! If you compare it to America and think of U of T as a nation what do you get? Why David Naylor of course! But maybe the golf course isn’t your idea of an outdoor paradise. Fair enough. Truth be told it isn’t my thing either, which is why I’ve been embracing another kind of green. Perhaps you’ve heard of this simple trick to give your heart rate a rest, decrease stress and regain some feelings of psychological vigor pre-exams? Well if not, I’m talking about a walk in the woods smarty-pants! I recently discovered an incredible trail; it stretches from Sir Winston Churchill Park near Casa Loma, gets interrupted by St. Clair but continues on just past the St. Clair West station. I can honestly say it’s a mini vacation; I was running along it, listening to the birds and almost completely forgot I was in downtown Toronto. It’s that good! Aside from getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city there are a ton of other benefits of getting outside. You can run or walk, but being around trees is really proven to do wonders and with this weather you’re bound to get some vitamin D! Still lost for ideas? What about the swanky Discovery Walks that the City of Toronto has so kindly designed with cool signage and walking brochures! Or revisit your own favourite trail or ravine to get out and hear the birds chirping. Bring a camera and some friends and get a glam nature photo shoot on. Spring is in the air; why not put it in your step too!? Love your body, it’s the only one you have! Laura

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