What does it all meme?

Student life at U of T has recently embarked on a campaign determined to get us thinking about the things that bring us joy here! And of course, like any campaign worth talking about and sharing, they're asking that you tweet about it with the hash tag #joyatuoft. They've also started a blog to share the best tweets as well as some insider info on the funnest of the fun stuff that they're doing at U of T during the campaign. I have to say, I'm pretty excited about the initiative and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with over the next few weeks. Just check out this wicked foot piano they built and installed in Bahen Centre! Students of course, have found their own, slightly more facetious way of sharing their joy at U of T, the meme! If you've yet to hear of the ubiquitous meme, let me to be the first to say: welcome to the internet. And allow me to explain. A meme is any cultural item transmitted from one individual to another by repetition. And an internet meme is, well, the internet based version of that transmission. While there are a variety of popular, user-generated memes floating around the Internet, most of the ones that you're likely to hear about are purely for fun, and the one that's been spreading joy all across U of T with the new Facebook group, U of T Memes is the advice animal. Step by step, here's how it's done:
  • Step one:
    • Encounter something amusing, frustrating, terrifying, or disturbing that seems ever-present on campus. For example, you know when you walk across front campus to get to con hall 'cause you're late for class only to realize halfway there that it's all muddy, but you've come too far and it's too late to go back? Yea, I know you know! Relevant to U of Ters everywhere, check! Devastating, check! Funny? We'll soon see...
  • Step two:
    • Make that story as short as possible (a sentence or two). Feel free to ignore all rules of grammar, syntax or diction. It'll actually be better if you do. So for our story, we'll say: "Thought it was safe to walk across field to con hall, ankle deep in mud too far to walk back."
  • Step three:
    • Go to the quickmeme website and find the advice animal that's right for your story. My favorites are "Philosraptor" and "Success Kid", but for this one, we'll use the first world problems image.
    • A helpful tip: make sure you have a look at other examples of your advice animal to make sure you're using it correctly. There's nothing that will spoil your procrastinating more than time wasted reading a meme gone wrong.
  • Step four:
    • Go go the make page at quickmeme and out your text with your advice animal.
  • Step five:
    • Pat yourself on the back, you've created your first meme!
  • Step six:
    • Share with all of your friends on the internets for uberlolz galore. And don't forget to hash tag, #joyatuoft

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