Cynics beware…the do-gooders are coming!

  Someone said something interesting to me the other day. I was having a coffee on break during class and a stranger who was sitting beside me noted that he thought it was odd how people never talk to each other at U of T. He thought it was so inane that twelve people could be sitting in such close proximity, and not have a conversation.  An interesting observation - the inanity of it all.  My theory is that most people are just kind of shy.  This led me to think once more about ways that we can make our campus feel more close-knit. I do think that talking to new people is a great way to accomplish this. I was presented with a new possibility the other day. Have you heard of "People for Good"? This group represents a global good deed movement that you may have seen advertised throughout campus. They want to get people to do nice things for others, for no other reason than it feels good. I’m really into this! I like to think that I am a person who is helpful and kind, but this project really pushes people to go beyond existing do-good comfort levels and do MORE good. The challenge from the website is this: Do a good deed once a day for two weeks and see if at the end of two weeks you feel any different. According to the website, there is evidence that doing a good deed actually creates a positive physical reaction in our bodies...a good deed high, if you if will. There are pages of good deed suggestions on the People for Good website, and I think we could spin this movement to make it work on campus. See someone looking sad and lonely - say hi. See someone walking out of Robarts carrying a stack of twenty five hardcover books - over a hand. See someone a foot in front of you getting drenched in a downpour - invite them under your umbrella. So maybe give it a try. Do some good deeds and let me know if you feel any different. Does it make you feel happier and more connected. On Monday, I will be starting this two week challenge and I'll let you know what my personal results are in two weeks. -Lori

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