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Have you ever thought about how much time you spend at U of T? Well, did you know, in one year at U of T, you spend approximately 420 hours in lectures? Times that by four years and you spend a whopping 1,680 hours in lectures alone, not including tutorials, etc.! In other words, I think it's safe to consider U of T your home away from home, for the next few years. And it's important that you stay connected to U of T to ensure that you know what's going on. U of T has moved into the technologically exciting realm of digital communication, and a number of U of T services are accessible to you online. The important question to ask yourself is how can I be connected to, stay in touch with, and be accessible to my school? My Answer? TWITTER!! Take a look! U of T Engineering on Twitter: The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering at the University of Toronto updates its 432 followers about interesting engineering news, with updates and links. U of T Law School on Twitter: Thinking of going to professional school? Connecting to the Twitter accounts of all your potential professional schools is a wonderful way to stay connected to news and receive the inside scoop, as the law school's 902 followers would no doubt agree. U of T Magazine: Updating alumni, faculty, students and staff about U of T news that's hot on campus. The 452 followers learn about U of T scientists' research, the U of T Blues women's hockey team, and more. The Varsity: One of my favourite newspapers on campus, the Varsity will connect you with all sorts of interesting news, including a podcast with President David Naylor, happening this week! Its 241 followers might get the news before you! Bio150: I've heard Bio 150 is an interesting, well-populated class at U of T. Now it has kindly set up a Twitter account recently (in August of this year), which may be most beneficial for you if you are a science student. lifeatuoft: I could never forget our beloved UpbeaT — in case you haven't noticed our Twitter widget on the side panel, or if you're looking for consistent updates, become a follower of UpbeaT on Twitter 🙂 These are just a few of the many U of T services offered on Twitter. A quick search of "U of T" will reveal many more interesting, specialized U of T feeds, including clubs and certain courses:
Search 'u of t' on Twitter to stay connected!
Search 'u of t' on Twitter to stay connected!
But don't be limited to Twitter! You can enjoy U of T on Facebook too! U of T has 5,001 fans on Facebook! It contains a discussion board, U of T news, events and, eek — UpbeaT! How exciting! In addition, you can enjoy most delightful U of T pictures! Sometimes staying in touch with the school can be important for your safety. ROSI has a special service set up: By providing your cellphone number, you can receive messages from U of T in case of an emergency. In addition, ensuring your Utoronto Webmail is set up correctly (you can forward it to another address) is essential for enabling communication between you and the university.
ROSI has got your covered with emergency messages and updates!
ROSI has got you covered with emergency messages and updates!
Overall, the trick is to be in tune with your school as your home-away-from-home for four years. And if you can do it right from the comfort of your own home, through online services, then why not? Being connected enhances your student experience. You can always check out the University of Toronto website, which contains feeds about upcoming news and events, links to resources, campus life venues, academic assistance links, information for prospective students and more!
The U of T website presents live feeds with updated information about everything U of T!
The U of T website presents live feeds with updated information about everything U of T.
Any other ideas for online communications to keep a healthy relationship with U of T? Spill the beans. 🙂 - Fariya

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  1. This was a such a smart idea for a post, Fariya. I’ve also noticed a lot of U of T organizations, particularly clubs, extracurriculars, and purely recreational groups, on flickr and sites like it. Those are fun as you can look at photos and see where clubs are going for trips, etc. 🙂

  2. @ Mary – I really think its a cool idea for U of T clubs and organizations to think more technologically – considering our generation is so into instant communication, this is really the next step forward.

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