The Awesome Mind-Altering Powers of Excessive Cramming

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  1. error! error! the krebs cycle is plants converting sunlight into energy etc! I think you have the repair-post chris.

  2. The Krebs cycle is basically a part of the cellular metabolism pathway, converting breaking down glucose while continuously synthesizing energy in the form of ATP and NADPH and all that. The opposite of that is photosynthesis, in which plants use light energy from the sun to build glucose. I think the post right now is actually the right one.

  3. Oh MY I just said NADPH.

    Oh my god major fail lucy major major fail.

    Ahem (looks around). I MEANT: NADH. It was…a typo…. Omg someone shoot me …biochem’s never been my strong point 0_0

    AHHH EXAM IN LESS THAN 15 hours!