Let’s Talk About Failure

In partnership with Academic Success, the Innovation Hub ran student-led feedback sessions to gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to experience failure at UofT, however students define it, and how it can be supported. These were supportive, inclusive sessions where students can share what happened, how it’s hard, what students wish they had known, and more.


What does freedom to fail entail? We learnt about failure from student stories—from their reconsidering narrow ideas of achievement, coming to terms with failure and its negative feelings, and feeling free to be themselves fully and more wholly, along with their failures. The freedom to fail involved three themes:
  1. Challenging Narrow Measurements of Success
  2. The Self Struggle
  3. Paradigm Shifts
Theme visual representing the research - includes an individual at the centre, with arrows spiraling outwards representing each theme & need.

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