Photo of colourful school supplies with text: "#ExamReadyUofT"

Study Tips, Stress-Management & Healthy Habits to Help You Get #ExamReadyUofT

Missed our #ExamReadyUofT Facebook Live chat about study tips, stress-management and healthy habits during exam season? Watch the replay here! H&W Peer Supporter Kenzie, HealthyU Crew team member Sharly, and AS Peer Facilitator Sarah share tips for self-care, sleep, procrastination, time-management…

A Guide to Self-Care while Navigating University Exam Seasons

As we head into arguably the busiest time of the semester, we often find ourselves neglecting our own mental and physical well-being in pursuit of academic success. As a Psychology and Nutritional Sciences major, I’ve learned that our well-being deserves…

No Phone Mornings: How I’m Trying to Fix my Morning Routine

I've recently noticed myself spending way too much time scrolling on my phone first thing. Before I know it, that whole first hour has gone by, and it can make me feel off all day. I've been trying to avoid going on my phone for the first hour after I wake up, and it's really changed my whole morning!