Orientation, Virtual Monday and Wacky Wednesday

If you look at the calendar, you'll see that we're approaching back-to-school. The 09-10 Course List is out, there are lineups at the Bookstore, heck, even the September Metropasses are on sale.  But that's not what's special about this week's post. No, this week's post is special because my contract is nearing an end, and you guessed it: this is my last post... For the summer, anyways. I am splendiforusly delighted to be able to tell you that I get to join the ranks of Lucy, Fariya, Liesl, and Mary as The Original Five ver 2.0. YES THIS MEANS I AM BLOGGING FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR TOO, YOU'RE NOT RID OF ME JUST YET, DEAR READERS, MUAHAHAHAHA! If you're wondering - Heather graduated. All the best, Heather! So for this week's post, I wanted to talk about orientations at U of T and answer the question, "What is Wacky Wednesday and/or Virtual Monday?" 1) Orientation You don't need me to tell you that U of T is huge. If you're just starting first-year, U of T is downright scary. The first time I set foot on Bloor and St. George, I put my hand to my eyes, squinted, and went: "But where does the campus end?" It doesn't, and you're going to need a friend to help you. Wait, but you don't have any yet! Oh, snap. It's okay. I had friends == 0 when I first started too. But the tally will go up when you participate in Orientation. Seriously. If askastudents say that it is "two of the most decisive weeks of your social life", then you better listen. I know, it's hyperbolic, but there's truth in that statement. Orientation is great for making your first friends, food and free stuff. Oh, you didn't hear about the latter two? Apart from being helpful and fun, there's always food at Orientation, and free pens, laundry detergent, booklets, condoms and lube, paper pads, water bottles, etc. etc. It's nice. It's like U of T is saying, "Thanks for your money! Here, have shiney!" I kid you not, you should buy the shirts at the bookstore that says: "My money goes to U of T". It's so true. Anyhow. You'll find as you start school that U of T gives you a lot of choices to do whatever you want. It's no surprise that there are loads of different orientations you can choose from. You're more than welcome to go to more than one! So I know you can read, so I'm going to send you over to the Orientation page. HOWEVER, I've done the work for you, and put all the dates on a calendar. Print, and have fun! Oh, if you're looking to get involved on campus, BE SURE to check out UTSU's clubs day. It's fabul- just make sure you go, okay? Go to Orientation week, dear readers. Sign-up if you haven't already. I'll wait for you. Go, now. 2) Wacky Wednesday and Virtual Monday Just by its name you know it's wacked. So the rationale is "to ensure there are equal number of teaching days in each session regardless of the day the course is taught". I know, bwuh? What they mean is that they want to make sure the hours you are in each course is equal throughout, so that you're equally prepared for all your courses. Because the way holidays are structured, you may get courses that have a class less than your other ones and as a result, you're pushed to learn in a shorter amount of time. It's actually considerate on the university's part. So how this works. On the week of November 9th, the way you should think of your days as follows: Monday, Tuesday, Monday, Thursday, Friday. Yes, you're going to your Monday class twice, once on Monday and once on Wednesday, and your Wednesday class is cancelled. Hence the names, Virtual Monday on a Wacky Wednesday. If you're still confused, check out which of your classes is "virtual" and which of your classes is "wacky". Don't go to your wacky class on Wednesday, and go to your Virtual class.