Learning about Cultures through Electives

While at U of T we have the ability to take electives outside of our own field of study, which can be a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and others around the world. If you’re an incoming student starting to think about what you might want to select when course selection comes around this summer, or a 4th year trying to finish up your breadth requirements, taking a course in a subject area relating to your own cultural history or someone else's could be a great way to to learn about history, philosophy, religion, and society from a new perspective!🌍

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As an elective I took CDN280: Canadian Jewish History which allowed me to gain new insights on the unique diaspora that makes up Canadian Jewish people. I was also able to learn more about my own family's history, even getting to interview my grandparents and great Aunt as a part of a final research paper. This was an opportunity that I likely wouldn’t have had from other courses, and I got to learn about Canada from a change of perspective. This class brought together students from all different fields of study, knowledge of the subject, and backgrounds! 


Happy Jewish Heritage Month!!!💙 📍Wolfond Centre 36 Harbord St.

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Celebrating and educating oneself on different cultures can help open one's eyes to the diversity and multiple stories that exist from people all over the world. It can be a way of finding common understanding and appreciation for a culture that’s perhaps different from your own or gain new insights on your own histories. 

A lot of courses relating to different cultures are under the Humanities program category, usually holding the breadth requirements Creative and Cultural Representations (1), Thought, Belief and Behaviour (2) and  Society and its Institutions (3).

This month is both Jewish Heritage Month and Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, which is a great time to celebrate the amazing accomplishments and contributions both communities have made!❤️

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