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My Unofficial Guide To U of T’s 7 Colleges

I remember being super confused about the university’s colleges when applying to U of T back in 2020. 

"So... I’m a student at the University of Toronto, in the Faculty of Arts and Science, in University College, in the Department of Computer Science. Yeah, I'll remember that."

Anisha, 2020

In attempt to ease the mental load for my #UofTBound newbies (congrats, btw! 🎉), here’s a quick rundown of everything I’ve learned about U of T’s 7 colleges over the past year.

Pictured: Anisha being a tourist at the UC building and Bahen’s CS Department, Anisha enjoying delicious dim sum at Rol San

What's a college, anyway?

The University of Toronto has a bunch of faculties, with the largest being the Faculty of Arts and Science. 

Within Arts and Science, there are 7 communities/colleges:

  • University College
  • New College
  • Woodsworth College
  • Innis College
  • St. Michael’s College
  • Victoria College
  • Trinity College

Each college acts as a home base for academic support, residence events, orientations, scholarships, and library services.

I’m in University College and during my first year I got to attend UCLit events, seek advice from the UC registrar, and participate in UC residence life as a part of it. The other colleges offer similar supports as well.

IMPORTANT NOTE! The other super swag faculties at U of T (KPE, Daniels, Engineering, and Music, for example) have smaller populations and thus don’t have the same need for a college system. You can still access the same resources and student events within them. 😉

So does it really matter what college you are/are not in? IMO, not really. You’re going to meet cool people and have a blast regardless!

Hope this helps clear up some confusion. I know 2020 Nish would’ve appreciated it.

Cheers luv,

Anisha Latchman

2nd Year Computer Science | Your Life @ UofT Digital Storyteller

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