Apps to Support My Academic Learning

Over the last summer, I found some useful applications that I could use in my day-to-day life that would support my academics. In particular, I found that Foster Reads, Pomodoro Focus Timer and Easy Study are apps that I use everyday. 

Foster Reads is an interactive application that allows you to participate in a book club from your home! You can read fun books with a bunch of people, discuss and talk about it and even track which books you have finished. This really helped me improve my reading and writing skills. It was also a bonus to use while taking Literature classes. You can make a lot of connections here. This app was very secure to use and there was no spam activity. I continued to use this app because of these factors.

The Pomodoro Focus Application helps me track my study schedules and sets my Pomodoro Timer for me. Not only that, it doesn't allow me to use my phone during the blocked study time. I find this application really helpful for my learning disability as it keeps me focused and I end up get more work done. 

The Easy Study Application allows me to plan my schedules, make to-do lists and track my performance. It also helps me track my “distracted times” (i.e. when I am not studying). With this app, it charts my focus and displays graphs showing how much I study throughout the day. This application helped me find the times of the day when I am able to work my hardest and how I can use my time efficiently.

There are a lot of applications that can be used as an aid to learning. With virtual classes, I find that having these apps reduce distractions from other social media, track performance, and support me in having an overall balanced day.

easy planner interface
Foster reads interface

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