Free Stuff and Discounts You Should Know About!

When I came into U of T, I had no idea about the discounts and privileges that came with a TCard! I thought it would be a great idea to create a short list of the helpful resources available to us while we're students here.


  1. Free Movies: Criterion on Demand

Criterion on Demand is a free movie catalogue provided to us and all you need is your UTORid and password to get access to hundreds of the latest and older movies. Any time, I have a study break, I hop on Criterion and pick a random movie that I watch by myself or with my friends! I am so glad I found this and I hope I get a chance to go through all the movies I've always wanted to watch.

List of movies on Criterion on Demand
Some of the movies on Criterion!

2. Cineplex Student Passes

Thanks to the UTSU, we have amazing student passes to watch movies at Cineplex! We can get $10 student passes that admits one person, so we get get to save $3 which is great if you're an avid movie watcher. Also, not that Cineplex is currently not open due to COVID-19 restrictions but this discount is good to keep in mind for the future.

3. Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

If you're into Art or you're interested in some sightseeing in your free time, Wednesdays are the best days to do this! As university students, we get access to the AGO for free after 3pm on Wednesdays. We also have access to free and fun workshops that you should definitely check out. Lastly, The new AGO Annual Pass offers a full year of unlimited access to the AGO Collection and all special exhibitions and it is free for students between the ages of 14-25. The AGO is currently not open for in-person visits but these offers are good to know for the future.

4. Ripley's Aquarium Discount

If at any time you get a burst of energy to go see some marine animals then you can get $9 off your pass thanks to the UTSU. U of T students only have to pay $30 and your T-card to get access to Ripley's. Ripley's is currently hosting only virtual tours but these passes are good to know for when it opens back up to in-person visits in the near future!

Food 🍔

Grocery shopping and takeout takes the biggest chunk out of my money. If I calculated all the money I have to spend on food in a year, I think I'd pass out. I definitely appreciate having some discounts that I could use any day and any time! If you have any of these stores close to you then it's you are super lucky, it's a bit of a walk for me but anything for some dollars off. All we need to do is present our T-card at the checkout to apply your discounts.

  1. 15% off at Metro
  2. 10% off at Sobeys
  3. 10% off at Bulk Barn
  4. 10% of Independent City Market
  5. 20% off at Insomnia
  6. Dominos Discounts available for Engineering students!

Health and Wellness💪

  1. Access to the AC and Goldring Centres: Some students may not know this, but you can get access to the state of the art gyms at U of T for free. Additionally, we have access to the workshops, programs and fitness classes that are available. One thing I was really looking forward to was taking the Ice skating and tennis classes at the AC centre, hopefully I'd be able to do these soon! See what's available at here!
Sport and rec programming (covid-19)-January 2021

2. Student Discount at Rexall: Thanks to the UTSU students enjoy 20% off regular-priced Rexall exclusive brands every day. Get your card here!

Learning 🎓

  1. Earn certificates for free on Coursera: We don't have to pay over a hundred dollars to earn a course certificate on Coursera any more. We have ability to take selected courses and get a certificate for free. So if you're looking for how to spend your summer, check out some courses!

2. Free access to research paper hub- Elsevier: If you ever need resources for your paper and stumbled on Elsevier, you do not have to pay! We get access to the hub for free and all you need is your UTORid and password.

Picture of elsevier main page

3. Discount on the Princeton Review Books and Programs: Another great resource that the UTSU provides. If you need to prepare for the MCAT, IELTS or any other exam, check out this discount.

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