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What It’s Like Attending a Virtual Study Hub

One thing that I was a bit concerned about with school being online is getting distracted, unmotivated and lonely. During pre-covid times, spending time at the library with other students around me studying and being productive motivated me to get my work done as well. Being at the library also gave me a reassuring feeling that there are other people that are going through the same experience as me.

Although it's good to look back and think about the good old days, I have to recognize that this is the new normal and thankfully U of T has adjusted most activities to work fine online. I attended a virtual study hub this week and it was such a great experience!

Virtual study hubs are two hour work sessions that students can sign up for on the Career Learning Network. One special thing about the virtual study hub is that upon joining the call you are required to let your goals for the session be known to the leader and the other students. Upon joining the call, I knew it was serious business because participants had to state specific goals that were achievable in two hours.

For this session my goal is to watch Wednesday's lecture of MAT234 which covered chapter 3.6. After the lecture I will solve two assigned practice questions from the textbooks and go over the solutions.
My goal for the virtual study hub typed into the zoom chat

I did not realize the importance of setting goals for work and study sessions. Having my goals outlined really helped me focus on the concepts I needed to familiarize myself with. The other students felt like my accountability buddies who would hold me accountable for how I spent the work session. Having accountability buddies really drove my productivity because I did not want to disappoint and not reach my study goals.

At the end of the session, I had to share what I did during my work session and what I would do for the rest of the day. Overall, the virtual study hub was surprisingly great and I will be signing up for as many sessions as I can because there's no harm in studying with other people!

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