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Why Did I Choose to Blog with the CCP?

When the shift to virtual learning started earlier this year, I craved an opportunity that would allow me to not only further my individual learning, but would create an understanding of how to manage working in a team in an online-setting.

After weeks of scouring the Clnx website, I came across the “Blogger & Storyteller” opportunity with the CCP, or the Centre for Community Partnerships. I heard about the CCP a few times previously, but I wasn’t all-too familiar with the work they’ve been doing.

I put my research cap on, and got to work. What I found surprised me, and led me to my eventual application with the position I (now!) hold. I recognized that the CCP was highly community-orientated through the delivery of their community action projects and groups. As someone who is passionate about working alongside and giving back to communities, especially under the increasing restraints of COVID-19 - this position was perfect.

However, that is not to say it has come without its challenges. As an auditory learner, I learn and perform better in a team environment where I am able to gain invaluable communication skills through our interactions with different types of people. Not being able to work in a conducive space and meet my colleagues face-to-face, was a little disheartening to the idea of a wider, cohesive, team structure.

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However, I definitely believe that COVID-19 has made our chain of communication more accessible within our team sphere. Nowadays people are always on their phones and are easily able to share the latest stories. In terms of communication, it is easier to set up meetings whether it is with a colleague or teammate. 

While it is disappointing thinking about how student life will be affected, and may not be able to function in running important in person events and campaigns as everything is different due to the virtual platform - working with the CCP has provided me with various lessons during my short two months of work, thus far. The CCP is still very much focused on upholding student life, and this the quality of students I have interviewed so far regarding their experiences, has been eye-opening. 

When I blog for the CCP, the one message I take away with me is one of empathy. Whenever I have wider team meetings with my colleagues, everyone is extremely understanding, kind and inquisitive. Your teammates truly want to know more about you and how your day has been.  The CCP has done a wonderful job of implementing a framework which is capable of supplying all students and beings with the resources to appropriately navigate an online world. Ultimately, I believe this situation has fostered a lot of empathy and made people understand the need to be kind to others.

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