I like Fall/Autumn at UofT

Autumn is a time of year when the trees get to look at the flowers and say I can do that too. It's a lot warmer and all-round much more enjoyable than the Winter semester. I wasn't prepared for January onwards and now I miss the first half of the year at U of T.

September starts by continuing where summer left off. The weather's gorgeous and the campus looks stunning. People either are blissfully unaware of the upcoming winter or making the very most of the hotter weather. People are out and all-around campus and my memories of Front Campus aren't complete without the Frisbee groups that have a gracious silhouette at dusk.

Now, October presents the multitude of seasonal colours from the softest yellow leaf to the vivid red leaves that Canada cherishes. As the clock turns to 10:09am, you fret about making classes in-person, you have the twirling, falling leaves that make that journey a little more memorable.

November is when the rain can come down and the weather tightens up dramatically. No more pleasant mornings, rather many colder, crisper starts and we pine for summer again. And the leaves that we use to kick about, run through and listen to the crackle and crunch underfoot have long gone. Welcome mushy paths, where the combination of soaked leaves have lined the stones. Every step you take is either avoiding getting those new white shoes dirtier or more about avoiding slipping on the lethal leaves that take the ground from under you.

Fall and Autumn. I seem to be switching between the two in my mind. It’s the same time of year. Except for many years ago, I kept seeing fall and had no idea what it meant. I asked around and looked it up but even google wasn’t there to help me. I was always brought up with 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. Not once had anyone I knew said 'fall' and eventually, I heard it on TV and it all clicked.

And at U of T, there's an attraction by many photographers to come to Front Campus and take a picture of University College. And for those that have been around campus a few more years, each of us has a spot that holds a place close to our hearts. So whether you're downtown looking at a swathe of glass and concrete columns, or anywhere but Toronto, we're all not on campus as before. So no daily walks to class, saying thanks to the stranger holding the door open and no first-hand experience of fall this term, this year. 

There's nothing we can do about it, no matter how badly you want it or miss it. Of course, we can reminisce, or patiently wait and distract ourselves with school work until we get to experience the actual wonder of Autumn at U of T one day in the future.

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