DIY Backgrounds for Online Classes

This week is a fun one (or at least I had a lot of fun doing it)! Now that classes are online I’ve been thinking a lot about backgrounds. Most of my professors ask us to keep our cameras on during lecture and I’ve found myself curiously staring not at the people but at what’s behind them. So, I decided I would come up with ideas on how to DIY some fun backgrounds for online classes. All of these are physical additions because it’s more exciting than just choosing an image from the internet to put behind you. 

1. Books

A pile of books can really spice up the background. I tried to follow a colour scheme so that it would (sort of) match the outfit I was wearing that day. 

2. Flower halo

Tape some flowers around the shape of your upper body, and behold, a simple but aesthetic background. 

3. Mirror

This would probably work with a bigger mirror, but it’s super simple and has a trippy effect. 

4. Postcards

These DIYs are all about what you have laying around the house. I happen to have an abundance of postcards, so sticking some on the wall behind me feels like a great use of them. 

5. Flowers pt. 2

A simple vase of flowers can look super refreshing in the background, and you can match the colours to your outfit.

6. Pages from a book

I took the illustrated pages out of my copy of Alice in Wonderland and stuck them on the wall behind me. 

7. Upside down flowers 

Hanging clusters of flowers upside down looks aesthetically pleasing, but it can also be long lasting. If the bouquet is left hanging there they will dry and you can keep using them! 

8. Canvas 

So I didn’t get around to actually painting this canvas, but I’m planning on painting something cool so I can just stick that behind me while I’m in class. 

9. Putting it all together

This is a combination of ideas from above. I tried to play around with the colours and see what looks good together. I incorporated the canvas, a notebook, some flowers, the book pages, a bottle of perfume, and an extra piece of rolled up canvas to make one big beige background. 

10. Night class edition: candle

Flickering candle in a badly lit room? Yes, that’s exactly how I want to appear in my nighttime Zoom class. 

11. Night class edition: lighting 

Playing with lighting can be a game changer too. My salt lamp gives off the perfect orange glow and it makes me feel so cosy! 

I’ve found that making backgrounds is my substitute for choosing outfits and such. Since I’m at home most of the day I like to wear comfy clothes, but putting some effort in making the background look interesting makes me feel somewhat presentable and ready for class. If you have any fun background ideas I would love to hear about them! 

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