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Hey everyone, if you’re like me, then you are also somehow more behind on schoolwork than usual. Other than the sudden transition to indoors with Covid-19, the thing I’ve been struggling with the most is the lack of an exercise schedule.  Normally I go to dance class, and Hart House drop-ins, and walk everywhere, so now that I’m not doing that I’ve been bouncing around the house with excess energy. (Warning: this post contains many blurry photos of me jumping around the house.) With that being said, here are some physical activities that I’ve been doing:  1. Using the Nike Sports app This is a free exercise app (download it from the app store) that talks you through workouts. There’s a bunch of workouts to choose from, and they’re organised based on levels (beginner-intermediate), how long they take (there are some short 10 minute ones), and whether equipment is needed. Usually I just spread out a yoga mat and do a beginner one. It also keeps track of your progress which I have found to be very addicting.  2. Youtube dance tutorials There is an abundance of dance tutorials on Youtube, here’s a link to a channel that teaches urban/hiphop There’s plenty of other dance style tutorials as well (like contemporary, ballet, etc.), personally I think kpop ones feel the most like a workout lol. If you have a certain song you want to dance to in mind, it’s possible to find a dance tutorial that way as well (there’s lots of Billie Eilish ones).  For this kind of thing, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to execute the dance perfectly, as long as you’re trying, you’re still getting exercise in! It’s also satisfying to see how you improve over time if you practise/watch the video multiple times over a couple of weeks.  Either way, I think this is a fun alternative to just doing workouts (even if I usually end up just jumping around to my own playlist by the end of it).  3. Online classes (the non-academic kind) People are still offering exercise classes, but online. If you search up a style of exercise that you like it’s possible to sign up for a class and take it from home. My tap dance teacher still teaches us through a live stream! (Me tap dancing lol: IMG_2174). 
Freestyle dance teacher.
A freestyle dance teacher.
Last note: Wearing a pair of running shoes, even inside, tends to get me more hyped for exercising!  If you have any tips/resources for other activities please leave a comment. 

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