Environmental Fashion: Top Tips!

In honour of Environmental Equity Week (i.e. this week!) I thought it was the perfect time to share some tips on how to live a environmentally friendly AND fashionable lifestyle. The fashion industry is certainly one of the biggest contributors to the state of the earth, however the way people wear and style their clothing is both an art form and a way of self expression (and therefore pretty difficult to change). Below are a few tips that I have found helpful when trying to be enviro-conscious and still enjoy fashion: 1. Raid other people’s closets. Sharing really is caring. Almost every time I visit home I steal something from my mom’s closet (she is my style icon tbh) because I’m looking for something new to wear. Here, at school, my roommate and I share clothes all the time. Sharing clothes is a great way to spice up our wardrobes without actually purchasing something new.  2. Thrift Shopping This might seem like an obvious answer, but there’s no way I couldn’t mention it. Most of my clothes come from second-hand shops, and you know what, that’s where I’ve found most of my favourite pieces because they’re no longer items that are being mass produced so every item seems so unique!  3. Hand-me-downs As a kid, most of my wardrobe was made up of hand-me-down clothing because I was the youngest in the family and also really tiny. It honestly felt like Christmas when I received a dress that someone else had grown out of. Now, you can’t really control the hand-me-down process but it’s a good reminder that when you are tired of your own clothes it’s always fun to think about who you could give them to. Obviously, donating is a great option as well, but sometimes you remember that one of your friends really loved a certain item, and you can give it to them!  4. Do It Yourself! Stitching on some embroidery or cutting off the bottom of a pair of pants can really make a huge difference! I went through a phase in high school where I cut off the sleeves of all my shirts (I regret it now, but I was super pleased with the results at the time). Sometimes you can adjust the size of an item or add something to it, without having to buy an entirely new item! That’s all my tips for now! Peace!  

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