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Styling U of T Clothes for a Week (Winter Edition)

To start off the new year, I wanted to do a fun little post about how I style U of T clothes! Here are some of the outfits I’ve put together with different U of T pieces incorporated into each outfit, enjoy!

Monday- rustic cabin style:

This is one of my favourite outfits because it gives off a super cozy cabin vibe! I’m wearing a Bruzer knit sweater with a pair of dark jeans. I wrote my Roots cabin socks to tie the whole “cabin” look together since it matched my knit sweater. For some extra school pride, I added a U of T tote bag (not available online, but here is a similar one).

Picture of me in a Bruzer U of T knit sweater
Monday’s look

Tuesday- trendy look:

One way of making U of T clothes more stylish is to add a statement piece. I’m wearing a U of T Champion long sleeve (similar version here) with a pair of mom jeans, and I added a cool statement jacket to make the outfit more trendy.

Picture of me wearing a Chamption x U of T shirt
Tuesday’s look



Wednesday- oversized look:

This Roots x U of T crewneck was one of my favourite purchases because it’s super warm and really comfortable. I really like the oversized look, so I got it a few sizes larger. Wednesday was a rainy and dreary day so I thought it would be fitting to wear something cozy like this crewneck. To add more colour to the outfit, I wore a pair of plaid pants.

picture of me wearing a Roots x U of T crewneck
wednesday’s look


Thursday- lazy look:

Thursdays are my longest days, so I try to dress comfortably- and nothing is more comfortable than sweatpants! Here, I’m wearing an Essentials U of T Sweatpants with a soft t-shirt and a knit cardigan on top. I think this outfit is a perfect look for those who want to be comfy, but also look cute! To finish off the look, I’m wearing my (favourite) crossbody bag as a statement piece.

Picture of me wearing U of T sweatpants
thursday’s look


Friday- faculty pride:

Of course, I need to represent my faculty! Here, I’ve paired my Arts and Science hoodie with a pair of mom jeans. Since it was really chilly on Tuesday, I added a fun yarn sweater on top of my hoodie for extra warmth. Layering is key in the winter because it allows me to stay warm when outdoors, but I can always take off my yarn sweater in class when it’s warmer. I also wore my go-to crossbody bag to add a fun pop of colour to the outfit!

Picture of me wearing Arts and Science hoodie
friday’s look


I hope you guys enjoyed this lighthearted post and were able to find some outfit inspiration! Happy New Years!


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