How I’ll Be Celebrating Pride Month

It’s June: the start of summer weather, patio dinners, relaxation, and most importantly, Pride Month!  For me, Pride Month has always been an important time. As a queer person, Pride is many things— it's about celebrating the communities we’ve built, while continuing to fight the obstacles we face.  This month, I’m committing to celebrating Pride in a couple of important ways. 
  1. I’m going to celebrate Pride by myself 
Even though we usually associate Pride with marches, parties, and big community events, I see Pride as also personal and individual. After all, it’s about the lives of LGBTQA+ people and their communities and relationships. During Pride Month, I always like to spend time learning. That means taking time to read books by LGBTQA+ authors, and learning about the history that has shaped our communities.  A hand holds up a book entitled "She of the Mountains." A pile of books is in the background. I also believe that an important part of Pride Month is looking after oneself. Living as an LGBTQA+ person is often hard, and taking time to look after yourself is a key part of Pride month. For me, that means realizing when I need time to myself, and actively taking care of my body and mind. To cards that say "I do not need to be "healed to be in loving relationships" and "I am allowed to be complicated and appreciated in my complexity."   2. I’m going to celebrate Pride through my political actions With all the rainbows and sparkles, it’s easy to forget that Pride is also a protest.  In fact, the very reason that June is Pride Month is to commemorate the first ever “Pride”— the Stonewall riots against police raids in June 1969.  Because of this, I've upped the amount of hours I’m involved in activist organizations. I also try to speak with my friends and family about the necessity of remembering that Pride is political. A pile of flyers from activist movements and rallies. 3. I’m going to celebrate Pride within my community   And of course, let’s remember that Pride is all about forming and celebrating community. This month, I’ve been making an effort to spend more time with my friends and check in with how they’re doing.  I’m also going to a lot of U of T pride events— these are super enjoyable and a great way to meet friends. I recently went to the Pride Pub, which was a ton of fun— there was information about community resources for LGBTQA+ people, a fun dance party, and even a spontaneous Raptors viewing party!  A crowd of people standing near Hart House, with a rainbow flag hung on the building. Here are some of the U of T Pride events that I’m especially looking forward to this month: 
  • Pride T-Shirt Painting Party- Monday, June 17th at 4pm in the U of T SGDO office
  • March with U of T in the Trans March- Friday, June 21st, at 7:50pm at 642 Church Street 
  • March with U of T in the Dyke March- Saturday, June 22nd, at 1:50pm at 642 Church Street
  • March with U of T in the Pride Parade- Sunday, June 23rd, meet-up location and time TBD
  • Pride Poetry Slam at UTSC- Thursday, June 27th, at 5:30pm in the Rex's Den
However you're celebrating, I'm wishing you a happy and safe Pride month!

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