U of T Gyms: Where to work out?

This week, I’m writing about the various gyms located on our vast U of T campus, and giving you a rundown of what to expect when you head there for your work-out needs. Personally, I have found that going to the gym gives me anxiety, and can be quite challenging sometimes, so I’ve included a couple of tips for those of you who feel the same way. Read on! Hart House The very first gym built on campus is located at Hart House. It’s complete with a small weight room that is equipped with dumbbells, barbells, and other weight training equipment. The gym also hosts a track, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, row machines, and treadmills. The Hart House gym also offers fitness classes for U of T students, and you can find more information at: http://harthouse.ca/fitness/registered-classes/. These classes are interactive and fun, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes whenever I find time to attend. My experience at the Hart House gym was a little bit scary at first, as the layout can be a little odd and hard to navigate. When visiting the gym for the first time, it can help to look at a map or ask the front desk for information on where the various rooms are located. The gym gives off an underground vibe due to its location being… wait for it…underground! In terms of accessibility, the gym includes an elevator, accessible washrooms on the main floor, and entrance ramps at the east and west entrances. I find that this gym is less crowded in the mornings, however, it doesn’t get as crowded as the other gyms during the afternoon and evening as well. This is a great gym to explore if you’re looking to get into fitness, for which the fitness classes are unbelievably helpful. It’s also a bit quieter and more private than the other gyms on campus, so it might be a good place to start easing yourself into a workout atmosphere. Location and Hours: 7 Hart House Circle Toronto, ON M5S 3H3 Mon – Friday: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm Sat – Sun: 7:00 am – 9:00 pm
picture of hart house weight room
Hart House weight room (harthouse.ca)
Goldring Centre The Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport is a multi-storey sport and exercise facility. It houses a field house for basketball, volleyball, and other court sports. The centre also includes a strength and conditioning centre, a fitness studio, and a sport medicine clinic. It also has an accessible washroom on the mezzanine floor, as well as change rooms and washroom amenities and bike parking. My experience with the Goldring Centre is lacking, to say the least. I’ve always felt the most intimidated going to Goldring due to the fact that it’s a centre mostly used by professional athletes. And let’s face it, who wants the football team to see them chugging on a treadmill? Another complaint with Goldring has been that it’s a bit inaccessible. Although the centre includes elevators, the turnstiles can be quite challenging for those on mobility devices. As for the best time to visit Goldring, it can seem crowded at almost all times. This is due to the limited number of machines in the centre, as it is more weight training focused. The centre is aesthetically pleasing (more so than Hart House), and clean, but the pool can be reserved often for swim teams. However, their equipment is state-of-the-art, and if Goldring is your piece of cake, then go and work it off! Location and Hours: 100 Devonshire Place Toronto, ON M5S 2C9 Mon – Sunday: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
pic of goldring centre cardio room
Goldring Centre (kpe.ca)
Athletic Centre Ah, the Athletic Centre. Possibly the most used gym on campus, it’s boasts several pools, a strength and conditioning centre, indoor track, dance studio, and steam rooms. It’s got great facilities for weight lifting, as well as a variety of equipment for cardio in the track room. The Athletic Centre also has a squash court, basketball court, and offer community swimming lessons. The great thing about the weight room is that it offers women-only hours, and has wonderful equipment. The Athletic Centre is probably my favourite gym centre to use because it has a simple layout, is clean, and usually very friendly. The best time to visit the Athletic Centre is in the morning hours, when it can be found to be less crowded. I also really enjoy the fact that the Athletic Centre has more equipment than any other gym possible, especially portable equipment, such as dumbbells. You can always be sure to find your weight. Location and Hours: 55 Harbord St Toronto, ON M5S 2W6 Mon – Sunday: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
athletic centre track
Athletic Centre (thevarsity.ca)
exterior of athletic centre So, you’ve decided which gym you’re going to go to, what next? I love working out but find that sometimes my anxiety gets the better of me and I end up on my couch with Netflix. In my experience, there are a couple of things that have made the daily trips to the gym easier. One recommendation I have is to scope out the gym you want to use before you go in for your first work-out. Talking to the staff, who are usually very helpful, and getting the hang of the layout can make Monday morning crunches before class a little less hectic. Another idea is to pack a separate gym bag with you on the days you head out. Don’t forget to include things like a water bottle, healthy snacks, workout clothes, and headphones if you plan to jam out. The best advice I can give you is to take it slow, and gently push your comfort zone until you’re used to the atmosphere and people. Most of the time, everyone is so worried about what they’re doing, and how they feel, that they won’t even notice you!

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  1. This was so helpful, thank you!! Very relatable about gym anxiety lol thank you for your honesty

  2. This is super duper helpful! Quick question, which one has the olympic-sized pool? And which one is the most suitable for recreational swimming?

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