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Tech Savvy: Do I Need the Newest Tech for Class?

I feel like a 10-year-old kid during Christmastime when I walk by the Apple store these days. The countless study tips and drawing videos I've been binge watching on Youtube recently all have one thing in common-a glistening new iPad Pro that to me, promises efficiency at note taking. But do I really need it? Weighing the costs and benefits When I'm looking at potentially splurging on new technology, I always take into account the frequency of use and how much better off I will be with it, and obviously how much it'll cost my wallet. Sure, the new update on the Notability¬†app sounds and looks amazing, but will it be that much better than the old notebook and pen?     Tablet with stylus Trying it out Whether its a new laptop, ipad, or keyboard you want, testing out the product and playing with it in store helps me determine its usefulness and how I will fit it into my lifestyle. I can personally attest to spending a lot of time in the Apple Store with the iPad¬†pro and using the pencil to draw, sketch, and make labels, as well as exploring the other features of the device and whether or not it can work in sync with my MacBook.   IMac and tablet The test of time Impulsive purchases get the best of us all, and one way that I've found useful for investment purchases is to wait. In 2 months will I still want this? How about 4? This is a good tip for all purchases, really. Those are my tips for determining if you need that shiny new iPad pro. Maybe I don't, but then again maybe I do. - This is my last post on this blog as the first-year blogger. I've had the best time sharing my trials and tribulations of first year, and hope that my posts can help inspire, guide, and prepare for university. Watch out for new posts starting in June! Signing out, Joanna  

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