Alternative Reading Week: Part 2-Further Reflection

Last week I attended the Alternative Reading Week reflection dinner, which was really fun because I caught up with a few of my team members and also got the chance to speak to some people from very different projects than mine and learned about what they did with their time. We did quite a few of group activities where we reflected on what it means to be in a community and to be a leader. There were also a few presentations from project leaders and people who have past experience with ARW so that they could share their work and also speak about ARW as whole. Listening to everyone speak made me realize just what a transformative experience ARW has been for people and just how much they’ve gotten out of it. To speak to my own experience with Innovation Hub a bit more, I thought that it was a very worthwhile three days. (Here is the post I wrote about it last week! Not only did I meet very interesting people, I gained knowledge about Human Centered Design Thinking and also gained more experience with presenting my own ideas and experiences, especially since I had to do so in front of a lot of people.  The entire experience has also made me appreciate the complexities and intricacies that go into the matters of student life at a school as massive as UofT. People have so many different needs and priorities, which is why Human Centered Design Thinking is very important since it keeps human priorities at the forefront during the entire problem-solving process.  I really do encourage all of you to participate in ARW next year. If you were involved this year, consider being a Project Leader next time and lead one of the amazing projects that happen! There is also another major way to get involved with ARW and also the Centre for Community as whole, which is to apply for our work study positions. Most of the positions are posted during the summer on the Career Learning Network website. My time as a work study student has been extremely valuable and I recommend looking into it! I had the opportunity to apply to be a Project Leader for 2020 (note that you have to participate for at least a year to apply!) but I decided to be a participant for another year to learn more before I go up the ladder. I’m intending on working on a project in the city of Toronto next year instead of staying on campus, which will allow me to gain more confidence, learn a lot, and get a little outside of my immediate comfort zone. I'm looking forward to it!  Have a wonderful week everyone and I'll catch you next Monday! 🙂

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