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A Night Class Survival Guide for Winter

As a first-year student, night class is something that is completely unknown to me, as classes throughout my life have always been an early affair. University is a totally different story, where waitlists and full schedules sometimes lead to sitting in lectures at very strange times, where high school me would've been on the couch relaxing. From one-night class student to another, here are my tips for surviving night class during a very cold time of year. Bundle Up! Classes at night are often colder than their daytime counterparts, so walking in the cold wintry nights are often unbearable without a good jacket, scarf, and gloves. Some parts of campus are prone to freezing up after a snowfall, so nonslip boots are always a good bet. Visibility is low at night, so always watch where you're going and never run across roads, there could be patches of ice or oncoming cars. UofT campus at night Bring a Few Snacks (Quiet) I don't know about anyone else, but I am especially prone to hunger strikes during night classes, as they're often 2 or 3 hours long. Nowadays, I pack along a few chewy snacks to fuel my energy levels. I make sure to bring along quiet snacks as to not disturb the rest of the lecture class. Take Advantage of Breaks in Lecture Most night classes have breaks in between, that allow you to relax for a while. I take advantage of these breaks, and walk around, chat with a friend, to make the long lectures go by faster. For classes in Con Hall, stretching my legs definitely¬†helps after sitting for so long.    
Cat hugging a radiator
How it feels walking to class at night
If you find yourself enrolled in a night lecture this year, I hope these little tips will make them a bit more bearable. -Joanna          

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