New Semester, New Opportunities! (Coverage on the Grant Info Night)

Hello everyone and welcome back to school! I’m super excited for this semester because there is a lot coming up (both CCP and otherwise) that I know will be very exciting and will provide a lot of great opportunities for students to connect with others and be involved with something meaningful. 🙂 If you are a part of an initiative, project, or organization at UofT, there are grants available that are important to be aware of because they may help you succeed in your goals! A Grant Info Night occurred recently and was a session that covered 2 main grants in particular: The Good Ideas Fund (deadline January 21st) and the Community-Engaged Initiatives Grant (deadline January 25th). Here’s a quick breakdown for you all: Good Ideas Fund: This is a grant offered to UofT students by Hart House! They require submissions that discuss initiatives/events that will enrich student life on campus. GIF applicants are encouraged to focus on inclusivity. Their three main categories for submissions for this grant are Arts, Dialogue, and Wellness. Examples include special lectures, panel discussions, podcasts, artistic installations, and creative workshops. Expectations include using GIF logo on promotional materials and meeting with GIF team for check-ins on the progress of the initiative.  GIF offers up to $2,000 of funding for a project. Check this link out: Community-Engaged Initiatives Grant: This is a grant offered to UofT students through the Centre For Community Partnerships! CCP encourages projects/initiatives that foster community-engaged learning, civic engagement, and community service. Examples include projects, volunteer opportunities, and partnerships that strengthen community ties and and work towards meeting goals of a community. Grants are intended to support campus-community partnerships as well as the students involved. This CCP grant offers up to $1,000 of funding for a project, Check this link out: What to keep in mind: At the session, I took note of what the general advice seemed to be for students applying for any of these grants. Since detailed proposals are required, it’s crucial to be specific and follow instructions! Carefully outline what you intend on using the money for and what other funding you may be receiving to support your project or event. Make sure you’re directly linking and involving the UofT community in your proposal and emphasizing how your initiative will benefit students. Most importantly: be creative! It’s important to stand out in the pile of applications and you can do this by having a unique angle, being detail oriented, and displaying that your event or project prioritizes equity and accessibility.   Good luck to all of you who are applying! If you’re not applying yourself, spread the word to your friends and classmates who you know are a part of a campus group that could use this funding.  

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