If You’re Reading This You’re Overthinking

Overthinking. What’s the weather like today? Four degrees with a chance of snow. So that means I need to wear a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, my heavy coat, no maybe my light coat. But I do have that one class that goes until 9pm tonight. Ok definitely the heavy coat. But I also have that tutorial in steaming hot Athletic Centre, maybe I’ll go with a short sleeve underneath. Overthinking. What snacks should I pack? Should I bring a Tupperware lunch? But do I really want to eat mac and cheese for the third day in a row? I’m working on saving money, I should bring the lunch. But do I have space in my bag? And where can I heat it up on campus? I only have an hour break but I’ll go back to the engineering building to use the microwave. Overthinking. What books do I need to bring with me? I could toss my criminal law textbook in my bag, but it’s my last class of the day, I’ll have to lug it around campus for hours. But do I need it for that assignment? No, I can borrow my friends in the library. But what if she’s not going to Robarts today? Ok I’ll bring the textbook What about my notebook? I’ll need it to take notes in my cinema course. But we have that substitute professor that turns off all the lights so you can’t see what you’re writing, so what's the point of the notebook? Overthinking. What's the weather today? Four degrees with a chance of snow. Maybe I'll just stay in bed.  

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  1. I CANT BELIEVE ANOTHER PERSON JUST WROTE OUT MY THOUGHTS AND SHARE MY EXPERIENCES. Written better than I could even understand my frustrations. Amazing!

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