Keeping a clear head through creative writing

I'm a person that can’t get through life without my hobbies. It's really important, I think, to take time every day to decompress and do what you love. I will admit, though, that many of my hobbies in the past have been somewhat distracting and perhaps even destructive to my greater goals. This has been especially true during the school year - a time when I needed to have a clear focus on my academic goals. A hobby that became a big part of my routine this past school year is creative writing in various forms. This has really helped keep my head cool during stressful academic stretches, and it hasn't really interfered with my studies either. Looking at the world in a different way School work can be very demanding, and the focus on "academic critical thinking" is a bit much for me. There was a time where I had gotten myself so immersed in my coursework that I began to look at everything in an "academic" way. I mean, there's nothing especially wrong with that, but I value having fluidity in my ability to think in different ways. Writing creatively, whether it be in poetry, prose, or song has helped me to look at the world around me through different lenses. This made my situation of constantly being fed a very structured and argumentative way of thinking at school somewhat more bearable. Consistency To truly reap the benefits of this hobby, I've found that keeping my routine consistent is a super important factor. What works best for me when it comes to writing consistently is keeping a journal. It can contain whatever you want it to (it is creative writing, after all), be it observations, inspiring quotes, cool one-liners, or anything in between.
My journal is pretty small. I like being able to carry it around in my pockets so that I can write things that come to mind right away.

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