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Winter Playlists

During the winter my mood can really be affected. Everyday seeing grey skies, walking in below 0 degree Celsius weather, and constantly having to stay warm can take a toll on how you feel for the day. Even the most exciting events can be dull and dry because of the winter. Recently, to help fight the winter blues I've made a series of Spotify playlists that I know keeps me in a joyful mood. Caribbean Playlists When it's winter time, I automatically think of my home country, The Bahamas. It is always sunny, warm, and bright at home and all my family are currently living there. I've always had great times when I visit home and by thinking of my country I think of the music and even music of other Caribbean countries. As a result, I have been blasting Caribbean music on repeat the past few weeks because every time I hear the beat I just want to jump and dance. Soca, dancehall, reggae, calypso literally lifts my spirits on the darkest of days and I instantly feel better after listening to a few songs from my favourite Caribbean artists. A Picture of my Spotify Playlist Seventies- Nineties Playlists I am an old school fan at heart. I love my seventies funk music, as well as classic soul. There is something about Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and Otis Redding that just puts you in a mood to groove and smile. The style and production of music was so different that current music and I appreciate the passion that they put into it because the songs are very relatable. Then listening to music up to the 90's brings back old memories as a child. The music in the 90's also had soul, passion, and struggle that I love listening to and lightens my mood on a cloudy day. My Vibe Playlists This playlist encompasses more current songs that I can just relax to. The songs are mostly hip hop and R&B songs that I know every word for. Whether it being Drake, Kendrick Lamar, or DVSN I'm always in a relaxed state when I listen to this playlists on my way to classes and even tests. Honestly, even walking towards my midterms I feel more confident as I listen to the playlists because I feed off of the artist's energy and soul. These are my top 3 playlists that I listen to during the winter. Each one is unique and give different moods, yet still bring joy into my life. Listening to these playlists have helped a lot in keeping me motivated actually and if you are struggling as well, I highly recommend listening to songs that get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Once it does you will feel a lot happier and more excited to pursue the day.

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