First Day of First Year

The days leading up to my first day of classes were filled with mixed emotions. During orientation week, you can't help but feel excited. You meet new people, the activities hype you up for the school year, and you are smiling and laughing 24/7. I was more excited than anxious. I was ready to learn and experience the stereotypical university life. However, when the first day of classes arrived that's when my anticipation changed. My first class was BIO120: Adaption and Biodiversity. I remember waking up early, putting on a cute outfit (yes I was one of those girls), and heading towards the famous building that I've heard so much about... Con Hall. Upon arriving at Con Hall there was a mass of students standing outside of the building. I thought I was early. We entered the building and to my surprise the entire auditorium was filled. In all my life I have never been in a class with so many people. The maximum number of students that I ever encountered in class was 25. Imagine being in class with over 1,000 people. That was a major shock for me. Once the lecture started we went through the syllabus and expectations of the course then immediately jumped into the course content - I have never written notes so fast in my life. The professor was shooting information faster than a machine gun. Near the end of the class, I walked out dizzy from hard concentration and that was only one class. I had three more that same day. A photo of clock tower near Hart House The other classes that day weren't as overwhelming as the first. To this day I rejoice on scheduling one hour breaks between classes. It really helped prevent constant headaches. Sometimes your brain can't absorb a bucket full of information all at once. It needs time to process what you have learned. Despite the overwhelming amount of information given, I continued to enjoy the day because I got the chance to explore more of U of T. I may have gotten lost a few times trying to find a classroom in UC or map out Hart House, but I learned something new about the buildings each time. From my experience as a first-year student, you will definitely learn what works best for you. After my first day, I realized that I need to re-listen to some of my classes because more than likely, I may have missed information in class. I also realized that taking notes right after class is extremely helpful in reviewing in what you have learned. My first day was a starting point for me to discover who I am and what I like and dislike. It was only the beginning to more life lessons.

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