Frosh 101

Frosh week was one of the most memorable moments of my entire university career. It was a time of pure excitement, laughter, anxiety, and joy. There was no school work or stress, just simple excitement. As a froshie, you are like a baby; clueless and soak up everything you see and hear like a sponge. I have met friends during frosh that I continue to talk to and hang out with everyday and was a great start to a new academic year. and it was one of the first moments that I felt school pride at U of T. I must admit my first couple of days during frosh was quite overwhelming. On my first day, I had no clue where all the events were, but had to navigate by literally following where the crowd was going. Tip: That trick never fails if you are lost. The crowd led to a big auditorium filled with new students and frosh leaders yelling and holding signs with their group names. One of my biggest concerns at the time was making new friends. Big crowds terrify me, especially since I have no family members living in Canada with me. Once I found my frosh group the opening ceremony began and I sat next to a girl who actually became one of my best friends to this date. Thinking back on it now, it's quite funny how life works. It's amazing how events work out in place to your benefit unexpectedly, therefore if you have any concerns about frosh... it will work out in the end. For most of the week we had many activities and icebreaker games. The good thing about frosh is that there are endless of activity options that you can do. Although it isn't mandatory to go to any, I suggest participating in a few because it is the fastest way you can meet new people and make friends. Whenever there was free time, some friends and I would spend time at the student lounge where we talked to upper year students and learn more about U of T and what to expect.
A photo of me and fellow froshies
A photo of me and fellow froshies
The best part about frosh for me, was the bed races. My affiliated college is St. Micheal's College (SMC) and the bed races were one of the events that they took to the extreme. We covered ourselves in blue from top to bottom this includes, blue paint on our faces and bodies, blue lipstick, and even blue hair. Everything you can think of was covered in blue. We chanted our cheers with pure pride as we walked from the college to King's Circle and during the races. That year we won the bed races and every SMC student roared and cheered as our racers held the trophy and painted it blue. It was during those moments of laughter, smiles, screaming, and cheering I felt at home with community. Orientation week is an event I highly recommend to any incoming student entering U of T to attend. You will create memories that will be embedded with you for a long time. You do what you makes you happy and there are many activities offered during frosh that appeal to everyone. Making friends will become easier and it breaks down the feeling of anxiety. To all my first-year students entering U of T, have fun and enjoy every moment!

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