A picture of my computer and planner.

The Summer Blues

Ever feel anxious when summer is coming to an end and school is about to start? Ever reminisce on the adventures you had and binge watching Netflix without a worry on your mind? My dear friend, you are facing The Summer Blues. The summer blues is the feeling of anxiety and sorrow that summer is ending and you have to prepare mentally to being strapped back down to the books and assignments for school. Don't worry, you are not alone in this. I'm going through it too. We can go through this together and maybe we even help each other. For those of you who have been taking summer school, this transition shouldn't be too hard. However, for me, it can be difficult. Mentally preparing for school isn't easy because you don't want to face the fact that summer is actually ending. This means no more sleeping late, no more waking up late, no more binge watching your favourite tv show, no more big summer trips, and the list goes on. Where has the time gone? Where did my summer go? Unfortunately, I don't have the answer for these vital questions, but we both have to let go and put on our game faces.
A picture of my computer and planner.
I tend to write important dates that will be happening in the school year.
As the start of school gets nearer I start to think of my goals I made for my academic year and how I plan to achieve them. I start to think on the mistakes I've made during the previous school year. Then I tend to write important dates in my planner and little notes of what I expect. By doing this I slowly begin to prepare for school and plan my actions. This also helps me get back into the work ethic flow so that when school starts, I'm fulling back into my usual self studying. It is actually important to face reality. Not everything can be a vacation and we do need to work towards our goals for our careers and future. Therefore, you don't want to to enter the school year with a summer mentality or else you won't get any work done that's needed. Think of it as a cost vs benefit situation. The benefit will be gaining a higher education and preparing for the job market, but the cost is having to let go bing watching Netflix for a while. The benefits clearly outweigh the costs. What do you guys like to do to mentally prepare for school?

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