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Achieving Your New School Year Desires

It's already half way through the summer ladies and gentlemen, which means that... school is coming. Believe me I'm in shock too, but just like how the new year approaches we tend to reflect on the events that occurred throughout the year, I like to do the same for my school experience. I tend to reflect on my accomplishments, mistakes, failures, joys, and sorrows that occurred throughout the year and wonder how can I do better. I'm not perfect and there are always room for improvements whether if it's socially, academically, health, or even spiritually. It is my goal to enlighten you on the ways that you can achieve your desires for the new school year. A picture of my journal and tea mug Reflection Reflection is the major key to creating your school year goals. It allows you to think about the highlights and downfalls of your previous year and the lessons you may have learned along the way. Believe it or not I like to write in a journal and I tend to write the mistakes and accomplishments that I have done throughout the year. When I look at the list I get an overwhelming surge of motivation to improve. With a burst of excitement flowing through my body I would start to think about what I wanted to do for the next year.
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Before every school year I'd write in my journal about my desires
Write Lists Ideas flash by like butterflies and you can miss it as equally as fast as it comes by. By writing them down you'd capture them and be able to process it thoroughly. I tend to write my goals and desires in ordered lists so that I know which ones I should focus on first. Writing lists allows you to set your desires and think of the possibility of it happening. It also gives you the chance to look at it when you have the time and start to plan how to make it happen. Last year one of my goals was to try ice skating for first time in 10 years and my friend took me to Nathan Philips Square to ice skate. Although I almost fell about 50 times, to this day it was one the best nights I've had while living in Toronto and it definitely made my undergrad experience more enjoyable. Plan Once you have written down your goals, plan to make it happen. Planning is the hardest step in my opinion in making your desires come true. Everyday life can distract you from your goals for the new school year and as a result you can either forget or miss an opportunity. Whether if it’s a trip to somewhere you’ve never been, share it with your best friends and plan the cost, the due date, etc. Or if it's to go the campus gym three days out of the week make a schedule so you can be consistent and motivated to go. Invest in time in chasing your goals for the school year because not everything will happen overnight. With this final step you have to stay focused and remind yourself of your goals daily. One easy way I like to do this is by taking that list I wrote and placing it somewhere I can see everyday such as on the wall in front of my desk. This way when I go to my desk to study, I am constantly reminding myself of what I want to do for the school year. Every year there is always room for growth and to have fun. I truly believe that university is the best time to make memories and chase what you want. By reflecting, making lists, and planning you can achieve your goals and make the new school year better than the previous. Just like Ferris Bueller once said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." What are some of your goals and anticipations for the new school year?

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