A picture of a teddy bear in a graduation gown and hat

A Walk in the Future

Recently, I took a walk into the future. There were diplomas, bells ringing, black gowns, hats, and families bursting in pride and happiness. I was standing in the middle of King's Circle, gazing at the celebrations of Convocation, U of T's graduation ceremony. Graduation, - it feels like a dream. Truthfully, the idea of graduation has been the last thing that's been on my mind recently, as all I can think about is surviving my courses, maintaining a decent GPA, figuring out my career goals, and managing my extra-curriculars. Thinking about graduating will only add to the chaos. But as I stood, watching this year's 2017 graduates hold their diplomas, smile brighter than the sun with pride, and hug their friends and relatives with pure joy, I couldn't help but feel inspired and motivated to be one of them. I wanted that moment to be my future.
A picture of me standing on Kings Circle
Here is me observing the 2017 graduates during their Convocation ceremonies at King's Circle
A picture of Con Hall with graduate posters As an incoming third year student, it's scary to think that another chapter of your life is quickly coming close to an end. As I started to walk around Convocation I started to reflect on the struggles and achievements that I have been through during the past two years at U of T. I entered university with Honours from high school and fell to just being average. I had failed my first test ever in my life at university and had my confidence in my own abilities shattered. It was an emotional hurricane and it became very difficult to stay motivated and even visualize myself graduating. The past two years have been a journey of growth, change, and finding myself. I've learned more about my desires, strengths, and weaknesses everyday and used my failures as motivation to never make it happen again. From constant making flash cards, writing notes, re-listening to lectures, and late nights in the Robart's Library, I saw the progress in my abilities. It's slow, but at least I'm on the right path to my goal: finishing my Bachelor's degree in Life Science.
A picture of a teddy bear in a graduation gown and hat
One of the perks of graduating is that you can bring this little cutie with you home
University is tough. It's the first step of your journey to building your own life and you are learning how to survive slowly on your own. Sometimes it's even hard to see the end. But as I witnessed students holding their diplomas in their beautiful black gowns, I saw the end for the first time. I saw myself graduating at U of T with a burning passion to start a new chapter in my life. From that moment, I knew I had to stay focused and keep fighting and so should you.
A Picture of me in the Graduate frame
It's hard not to just take a picture with this cool frame
"It's all worth it in the end", said by every adult who has been through the struggle of university as encouragement. I get tired of hearing this phrase on repeat too, but I couldn't help but believe in the meaning of it this time. Chasing your dreams is never easy or a straight narrow road, but when the day comes when you finally made it happen, all of the hurdles in your life will become worth it. If you don't believe me, I suggest you take a walk through Convocation when you get the chance... it is truly an inspiration. I believe that nothing in life is ever handed to you for free, you have to work for what you want. So continue to work hard, challenge yourself, and follow what you are passionate about because one day those students holding their caps and diplomas will be you! What are your hopes and dreams? A picture King's Circle with CN tower

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