Get Down to Boogie

My Thursday night started out like any other. I was studying at my favourite spot on campus: the Hart House reading room, pouring over a week worth of lecture notes. I was feeling a little drowsy which was most likely a consequence of the warm and cozy atmosphere of the library combined with what was admittedly the driest psychological theory I have been subjected to since starting my degree. Suddenly, as if the U of T gods had answered my prayers for a distraction worth ditching 150+ pages of reading, I heard the thum thum of an electric bass from where I was sitting. I had been studying for over three hours (as one does on a Thursday night) and so I decided to give myself a break from my reading and explore. Following the music, I was led into the basement of Hart House into the Arbour Room where I was greeted with the sweet sounds of the 50’s. This my friends, is where I meet The Dreamboats.
A photo of the Dreamboats (4 young men) in suits posing for a picture.
Hello Dreamboats!
  I was delighted to find out that the concert was a free event organized by the student run Hart House group called Stages. So delighted in fact, that I sat my butt down and decided to treat myself to an evening of great music. The Dreamboats had attracted a fairly large crowd at their pre Valentine’s Day show, with most tables in the Arbour Room full. The genre of music seemed to entice music lovers of all ages; I saw first years and couples that must've been in their fifty-first year of marriage. It was nice to dance alongside people who loved to get down and boogie.
Lead singer playing guitar: action shot
Photos taken by Roberto Amaya at the concert.
As for the performance, The Dreamboats are talented artists. When they started to sing, it was as though I had been transported back to a time where young people “go steady,” milkshakes were the drink of choice and a night at the movies cost a nickel. All of the band members were super fun, energetic and maybe even a little goofy? At one point the lead singer/guitarist hopped up onto the bass drum and starting dancing!!
Photo credit: Roberto Amaya *** I was too busy dancing/fan-girling to take pictures worth publishing.
*** I was too busy dancing/fan-girling to take pictures worth publishing. So this photo credit goes to the lovely Roberto Amaya.
The audience was almost always up on their feet and dancing like they had just stepped out of the movie Hairspray. All in all, attending the concert was a Thursday night well spent! Hart House Stages is a student run group that organizes free music events for U of T. You can attend monthly themed concerts on scheduled Thursday nights at 9:30pm  in the Arbour Room! Stages showcases a large variety of music in their events, with reggae, classic rock and folk concerts as part of the mix! Next time you’re free on a Thursday night, come out to celebrate the era of counter culture by paying tribute to music that is known for its social commentary.

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