Exploring Beyond Downtown: Guild Park

photo of a creepy angel sculpture For a self-professed Torontonian, I haven't seen that much of the city. Sure, I've been to the Eaton Centre 5000 times and I'm pretty good at giving directions to lost tourists on the subway, but I've never really ventured that far past the DVP. One of the goals I've set for myself this year is to explore past the downtown bubble, and it was this goal that lead me east to Guild Park (or Guild Inn and Gardens as the fancy people like to call it) in Scarborough. photo of another creepy angel sculpture, this one has a bird nest between its wing and head though Guild Park is breathtaking, in an extremely eerie way. The Guild Inn, which sits vacant at the front of the park, originally served as an artist colony. The park still serves as a sort of sanctuary for the arts, housing over 70 statues, pillars, and facades originating from pre-war buildings in downtown Toronto. photo of stone pillars against the sky The statues sit amongst lush gardens, giving the entire park a Secret Garden kind of feel. With weathered pillars rising up all over the grounds it's hard not to feel like you've happened upon an abandoned archaeological dig. photo of a winding path amongst the trees with a stone facade at the end   photo of a little bumble bee on a yellow flower   Exploring Guild Park was like an easter egg hunt crossed with a hunt for hidden treasure. With each new turn on the pathway, something new and unexpected popped up, whether it was an empty greenhouse or a tiny toad. photo of an empty and slightly rundown greenhouse   As with any place worth seeing in the 6ix, Guild Park is Drake approved. The Greek Theatre, which sits near the entrance, was featured in Drake's video for Headlines. photo of the "greek theatre", a facade taken from an old bank building in downtown toronto
screenshot from Drake's video Headlines, filmed in Guild Park
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cimoNqiulUE
  Guild Park sits on the Scarborough Bluffs, and if you turn your back to the gardens and facades, you'll see beautiful views of Lake Ontario. photo of clouds reflecting on lake ontario   Want to see the gorgeous and only slightly creepy Guild Park? You can get there on the TTC, no extra fare needed. Need directions? Here's a Google map explaining how to get there from St. George station.  photo of lake ontario seen through some trees  

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