The Distillery District! (feat. Segways)

If you guys didn't know yet, I'm the Male Head of Non-Resident Affairs at Trinity College. Being a student leader comes with many duties - some duties are infinitely more enjoyable than others. You know, attending Finance Committee meetings sometimes just isn't fun. But enough with that blah, my favourite duty as a Head is organizing "Trin Goes to..." events. It's exactly what it sounds like. My partner Head and I organize events outside the campus that the whole College is invited to!
Me and Kalyna posing in front of a fireplace, while dressed formally.
Me and my partner Head, Kalyna!
And it's all because we are 20-something billionaires à la Mark Zuckerberg. No -- I'm just kidding. It's because our College's student government is excellent at managing student funds! Clubs and Heads are given a considerable sum of money to organize events that bring together the wider student community. So, having a great foundation like the TCM, I was able to take a group of 25 students on a full Segway tour of the Distillery District. Usually, it costs about $70 per person, but we were able to subsidize that cose so that each person only had to pay $10. Not a bad deal at all, I'd say. We were even able to pay for the TTC ride there!
Me smiling while tightly gripping on to the handle bars of the Segway. Behind me are a few of my friends trying to photobomb the shot!
Look at me, not falling!
When we arrived to begin our tour, we were immediately trained to use Segways. The quirky tour guides acted as the wind beneath our wings. I can't say it was easy at first, but after about 5 minutes on those bad boy vehicles, I felt like the Segway was one with my body -- I was Steve Wozniak. After training was done, we zoomed all around the Distillery District like Tweens illegally skateboarding in malls. I've never felt so free. I was a bird. After we were done riding, we proceeded to do a walking historical tour of the area. Did you know that the whiskey they produced back then had upwards of 70% alcohol content. I didn't! Appropriately, we did a beer (with ID!) and chocolate tasting after we were finished the tour! Finally, we got back on our Segways, and were divided into groups to race each other, and I was prepared to put on my Mario Kart game-face. I wasn't there to make friends, I was there to win. Thus, I obviously won. Okay, I didn't, but I did win in spirit. I may not have my full driver's license yet, but I have mastered the mystical Segway. That's a win in my books.
Me and my friends taking a selfie before we begin the race. We're all wearing helmets and i'm making the peace sign at the back.
Selfie before the race! 
We concluded the evening by having dinner at the Mill St. Brew Pub, and that can just be summarized with one word: scrumptious.
Me photobombing my friends. They're trying to make the shape of a heart together in front of a wall full of locks. I block their heart and try to make a heart of my own.
Before dinner, I felt the need to photobomb every photo.
UofT, if you ever have the opportunity to visit the Distillery District, and ride its Segways, I hope you have as much fun as I did. Make sure to take your friends -- not for friendship, just so you can see their faces when you crush them in a Segway race!
Group picture of all of us. Some of us have helmets, and me and my Head partner are standing on the Segways!
"Smile for the blog!"

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