Mental Wellness Month: I didn’t think it would be this hard

Everyone here at U of T knows that hard times can crop up unexpectedly. Sometimes, struggling in classes or getting a lower grade than you expected is the source of stress. But lots of students are also worried about a whole range of issues outside of classes: finances, housing, relationship problems, or troubles at home. Whatever it is, we can help you learn the skills to cope with any challenges you might be facing, and provide any counselling or advocacy needed. Here are some resources that can help you manage stressful student life issues: Take advantage of Mental Wellness Month activities and events Did you know that Hart House holds free massage sessions every Monday? Give yourself an opportunity to find calmness and focus in your day by taking 15 minutes for a walk, massage, or a meditation session. Both the Multi-Faith Centre and the Health & Wellness Office put on Mindful Moments all over campus, in addition to regular exercise and meditation sessions. Get advice from Elders at First Nations House Elder in residence Andrew Wesley and Traditional Teacher in residence Lee Maracle are available to meet with students for support and guidance. Check the First Nations House site for more information on drop-in hours and ways to make an appointment. Sign up for financial counselling Financial counsellors at your faculty, college, and Enrolment Services are trained to help you with all aspects of financial planning, including debt management and budget planning. They can help domestic and international students get a handle on scholarship, loan, and grant resources. Click here for a list of faculty and college counsellors. Graduate students can click here for more information on financial resources and counselling. Solve housing issues with Housing Services Housing Services can provide advice on how to approach the housing search process, meet with students who need further help with the search, and offer one-on-one assistance and referrals to students in a housing crisis. If you are at risk of losing your current housing, live in an untenable housing situation, or do not have the resources to find housing, please contact Housing Services for assistance. Get immigration, visa, and adjustment help at CIE If you're an international student, CIE's Student Advisors & Transition Advisors can help you with any issues you have regarding visas, immigration, finances, or adjustment to living in Toronto. Find help at the Sex & Gender Diversity Office If you are struggling with any equity and LGBTQ-related issues and experiences, the staff at SGDO can provide support and connect you with referrals to any relevant resources. Contact them at 416-946-5624 to find more information on issues like transitioning or workplace and classroom concerns. Manage health concerns with Health Services If a health condition is contributing to your stress, consider visiting your family doctor to address any changes or concerns that you may have. U of T's Health Services office offers everything you can expect from a family doctor, like routine check-ups or injury and illness treatment, but they also can offer services for everything from allergy care to contraception, pregnancy support, nutrition counselling, smoking cessation, and diagnostic facilities. You can find a full list of their services here. All University of Toronto students are welcome and first-time visitors can make an appointment by calling 416-978-8030 or by dropping into Health Services. Talk to someone! Most importantly, remember that you have a whole community on and off campus that will be there to support you. Talk to friends and family and get in touch with any of the support staff here on campus. That list includes dons, mentors, your Registrar, the Dean of Students at your college, and faith leaders. The staff here are always available to listen, support you, and help you get access to the resources that you may need.

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