Mental Wellness Month: I’m Great!

So, we're a few weeks into classes and things are going well: you're on top of readings, have a great social life, and are enjoying your time here at U of T. That's great -- you're on your way to achieving your personal and academic goals! Here are a few ways to reward yourself and keep up the good work: Search for opportunities with the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) The CCR is a great resource for finding new and interesting opportunities all over campus that can help you make the most of your campus experience. Plus, the CCR will help you build a record of your activities and connect them to skills that employers look for! Stay active with Hart House, the Athletic Centre, and MoveU Exercising will keep your stress levels low and improve your sleep patterns and concentration. Plus, classes at Hart House and the AC are just fun: you can take on anything from belly dancing to swimming. Become a peer mentor Share your experience and help your peers succeed academically and personally. The Mentorship Resource Centre organizes programs for a range of groups, including first year students, student parents, and First in the Family members. Take a break and enjoy the city with UTSU and Hart House Toronto is home to great food, people, and places. UTSU provides student deals for city attractions that make for a great afternoon or night out. And, if roaming the city isn't up your alley, sign up for one of four annual trips to the Hart House Farm, located in the beautiful Niagara escarpment. Eat well, feel great Keep your energy up by taking advantage of healthy eating options around campus. You can find a comprehensive list of cafes and restaurants on campus on the UeaT website and take a look at meal plan options for both campus residents and commuters. Stay on track with Degree Explorer Whether you're just starting at U of T or on your way to declaring a Subject PoST, Degree Explorer can help you keep track of degree requirements and graduation eligibility. Spotting any issues will save you some stress down the line and your Registrar is always available to help iron out any wrinkles. Join a club on campus Meet some new people and explore your interests by signing up for a club (no matter how late into the year). We have over 600 clubs that range from athletics (just about any sport you can name!) to newspapers and journals. Find community and give back! The Multi-Faith Centre and First Nations House host great programs like walk-in lunches and talks that can help you connect with faith and cultural communities. Anyone is welcome! And, if you are interested in giving back to your community, look into programs at the Centre for Community Partnerships (CCP). Serve & Learn helps students get hands-on experience in a role at a community organization of their choice. If you can’t make a semester-long commitment, sign up for the Alternative Reading Week Days of Service program or other short-term projects. Check in at the ASKme hub The ASKme hub is located in the Koffler Student Centre at the Office of Student Life and it is your go-to spot for information about anything on campus. Need to know how to sign up at a gym? Wondering where to get health services? ASKme knows! Keep your peace of mind with Mindfulness Meditation Stay calm and connected by taking advantage of opportunities to learn and practice secular mindfulness meditation techniques across campus. You can drop in any time during the year and beginners are welcome! You find a full schedule of “Mindful Moments” on the Health & Wellness site or consider yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation sessions hosted by the Multi-Faith Centre. Develop as a leader In your time as a student, you'll come across leadership opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Workshops on campus can help you develop the skills to be an effective leader in any situation you might come across in your personal, academic, or professional life. You can find a list of leadership conferences and programs for both undergraduate and graduate students here.

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