The Orientation Week Parade!

As I type, I am just about to wrap up my third Orientation Week at Trinity College – a lovely place that I call home. Many people still ask me: “Ondiek, why do you do this to yourself?” Well, it’s because I love everything about Orientation Week – the parties, the new friends, and the t-shirt that we are all required to be wearing the entire week. Okay – I was kidding about that last part. And one of my favourite things about Orientation Week is the U of T Parade. Over 6,000 students from the University of Toronto come together to take over downtown Toronto to show everyone “what’s up” (sorry, I’m feeling extra youthful right now). Before we began, my college gathered in the quad to get ceremonial red lipstick drawn on our faces, and to rehearse our g-rated cheers!
After that, we were ready. We picked up our Bishop from the dirty ground, brought him closer to the ocean-like skies (ocean-like because it was humid – so humid we might as well have been swimming), and we started marching down Hoskin.
Comradery keeps each other hydrated!
Comradery keeps each other hydrated!
Sweat, sweat, and sweat. I was like “suffering succotash, it is hot!” I didn’t say that out loud, because I am 20-years-old, but I was thinking it. We may have been sweaty, but we were proud. Me, especially – being the Head of Non-Resident Affairs this year at Trinity College, I got to ride on the float. It was truly a magical experience; I got my fix of collegiate pride, while not really having to walk that much!
Me on top of the glorious float with my fellow Heads.
Of course I came down every once in a while, especially when our excellent DJ, the Head of Arts (aka DJ Raudy), decided to play my bops. I swear, my college could be stranded in the Sahara, if Fancy or Anaconda randomly started playing; we would still be dancing like our lives depended on it.
♫ ♫ ♫
♫ ♫ ♫
We were able to keep our spirits up through the harsh terrain, and for that I was delighted. We weren’t just marching for Trin, we were marching to celebrate the excellence that is the University of Toronto. It was a wonderful experience, and I’m so honoured that I had the opportunity to experiences three years in a row! No other time have I felt more privileged to be a member of not just my College, but the entire university as a whole. The parade always reminds me that Trinity College will always have my heart, and I will always chant the Salterrae: 
Shout-out to Larissa Parker for this great shot!
Who are we? We are the Salt of the Earth, So give ear to us! No new ideas shall ever come near to us! Orthodox! Catholic! Crammed with Divinity! Damn the dissenters, Hurrah for old Trinity!

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