Sweet Mother of Noms!

It seems that reality has once again struck and we are all officially back into the swing of books, tests, and all that other fun stuff. I find the third week back to always be a serious buzz kill.  It's that time when the first assignments and the word "for marks" comes into play again which is when you suddenly realize, "dang I knew that there was another use for this $200 textbook rather than using it as my door stop". So like any good U of T Student Life blogger I'm here to further convince you to keep that book as the doorstop and to instead get out there (wait don't tell my supervisor I said that). This post is all about a much more agreeably exciting and tasty topic.  Of course I could be only speaking of one thing, "noms"!  January and February is no doubt the season of the noms. The season of noms (or maybe more officially known as "Winterlicious") is basically any university student's dream. High quality food at some of the swankiest joints around town all fitting into your part time job budget. Did I also mention that 210 restaurants in the GTA participate?
Be more like my good buddy Ratatouille here tumblr_mp8v1y0Bf81sojln9o1_500.gif
Be more like my good buddy Ratatouille here
Winterlicious runs for 2 weeks from January 31st - February 13th and offers pre-set menu courses in four different price ranges $15/$25/$35/$45 with most restaurants falling into the $25-$35 price bracket. No doubt paying $45 is still quite expensive for one person, but keep in mind that only some of the nicest establishments in town will actually be set at that price; I'm talking the Four Seasons and Hazelton Lanes' One here people (you're going to look like such a baller eating there). Keep in mind that when I say pre fixe menu that incorporates appetizer, main course, as well as dessert (and many times an extra appetizer or side). You are really getting a serious bang for your buck here. You may be thinking to yourself, well why the cheap prices Shak? What strings did you pull to get us students such a sweet deal? "Oh stop it you". Don't thank me this time.  Instead thank advertising because truly WInterlicious is just one big advertising event. For these 2 weeks the best restaurants in Toronto are literally willing to lose money to promote their food, decor, and service. It is one of those rare opportunities where restaurants won't gouge you.  They are banking on the fact that the quality of their business impresses you to such a high degree that you will make return visits in the future for a larger price. It truly is one of the most authentic dining experiences you could have all year and it's affordable for everyone, even us broke students, Huzzah!
You said it Jake  tumblr_mzte8p4KhC1t6rbaxo1_500.gif
You said it Jake
So If you want to try a new joint next week or perhaps have been eyeing a way-too-pricey place to take that special someone to, now is definitely your chance. You can find a full list of all 210 restaurants here. Also since the amount of establishments participating is so enormous, I thought I would also leave you with a nice condensed page that Toronto Life made. Those good samaritans at Toronto Life put together a nice little region based page so that all you fellow food lovers can conveniently search by district. No man gets left behind or in this case "No food connoisseur gets left behind"! So get out there everyone and "nom nom nom".  Just remember, please don't instagram me a picture of your food.....  that was so 2013. But do tip your waiter 🙂 Shak

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