I think I’ve Got the Travel Bug…

U of T’s Centre for International Experience is quite a gem. Located in Cumberland House, it’s a bastion of activities, adventures and travels from far-flung places in the world. I had the pleasure of sitting down with  Marco Adamovic, who recently took on the role of Program Coordinator at CIE. Marco gave me a sneak peek into what is to come in September. Get ready! Here's what's up at CIE in a matter of weeks: Wake Up Mondays. Connect with other students who have lived and worked in your dream destination. Grab a coffee and get to know other international exchange students or domestic students who have gone abroad while you wake yourself up with a delicious cup of java in hand.
A Wake Up Monday needed here.
Post a Letter Social Activity Club: Bringing the old-school back. Remember the days when you would write your family or your best friend, or even that pen-pal half a world away, using (yes, you guessed it) pen & paper? And how wonderful it was to receive a postcard or envelope in return? You’ll be able to revive that penmanship of yours and write postcards to others at CIE regularly come Fall.
Monthly International Food Event. I don’t know about you, but whenever I travel outside of Canada, I’m always on the lookout for great eats. CIE will start hosting a monthly international food event, allowing you to taste and learn about one particular kind of cuisine each time. The iConnect International Mentorship Program. Are you an incoming international student and a bit hesitant about your transition into life at U of T? Maybe you would be more comfortable if you could connect with another U of T student who has already transitioned into university? The iConnect program might be just the thing for you! iConnect is a student-led mentorship program where  Mentors and Mentees connect and build a relationship in many different ways – sharing a meal, going for coffee, or maybe checking out events on-campus. The English Communication Program. This non-credit language skills program allows you to practice your English for two hours a week in many creative ways. You can create a blog in English, discuss and debate key social issues, or discover new neighbourhoods in English with others. These are just a few options that the program offers. If you are a domestic student at U of T and you have cross-cultural, teaching or international experience, you can volunteer to teach classes. Volunteering at CIE. There are lots of ways that you can get involved in U of T’s International Community. Perhaps you’d like to contribute to social or cultural events that run throughout the year at CIE, teach English (and no, you do not have to be a native speaker, as long as you are fluent in idiomatic English!), or help out in other ways.
Camel Caravan through the Sahara by Cary Ferguson
Of course, I can’t leave out one of the best things that CIE makes possible – travel! Here is where you want to come if you would like to go on an exchange abroad. Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia: the world is your oyster. If you would like to study at an institution that is not on CIE’s list of partner institutions, you can even request to study at a university of your own choosing with CIE’s Self-Designed Program. So, you really can go anywhere in the world.
Exchanges are one thing - you also have the option of interning, conducting research, or working abroad.These are just a few of the programs and services that CIE has to offer. Check out CIE’s website and Facebook page, or come visit Cumberland House in person to find out about others. You never know what lies in store for you! -Aziza

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