It was either Bruno Mars dancing with Sesame Street characters or The Climb.  So, here I am; entering my second year and I find myself writing a list of goals for the year. I'm pretty sure most students don't do this, but I'm willing to give this whole "goal-writing" thing a shot. Last year, as I entered university, I found that no matter how much research I did on how many bathrooms Robarts had, how a certain professor marks or how not to do super badly in your classes, university life is still a big jump, a big shock.  Much like Sarah Palin, I was thrust into an environment that was foreign to me with no real game plan. As a result, while my first year was great, it took me a while to find my footing.  But now it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's time to have a game plan.  And so I present to you - Abdullah's most awesome list of things to do this year at U of T or AMALOFTTDTYAUofT for short. This is what I want to accomplish this year: This list of to-do's may not be used by an individual to say, oh I told you to that last year! You should have listened to me! I'm so smart. I know you're so smart, here's a Nobel Prize. 😀 
  • Actually use my UTSU handbook. Last year, I got it and used it for about a week before I stopped using it.  I think it became a paper weight.
  • Organize my time and my stuff.  This goes hand in hand with my whole use my handbook point. Last year, I was horrible at managing my time and my stuff. So therefore, some time was wasted on finding stuff but also babies dancing to Single Ladies on YouTube (woah oh oh oh oh oh oh).
  • Study better and consequently do better in school.  And stay caught up in my readings.
  • Be as active as Pippi Longstocking all day, every day.
  • Run for student government (no, not UTSU - no disrespect intended to UTSU) and represent y'all.
  • Go to at least one UC Lit event.  Even though it seems I always rep University College (UC! UC! We're the best. Yo.), I actually haven't gone to any UCLit events.  The shame.
  • Go to a Varsity Blues game.
  • Explore the Annex. and surrounding neighborhoods more. Oh hey, BMV books.
  • Go to more U of T events in general, rather than clicking maybe on the facebook invite (when you never really intend to go).
Yes, ambitious list. However, we shouldn't stop ourselves from doing great things just because we are afraid that we can't do them. Nothing can stop a person when they set their mind on something and do it.  I may not do everything on this list, but I'm going to try. Try making a list of goals, what do you have to lose? Now for the list of goals that I'd like to achieve but will probably not happen.
  • Become bros with Zayn  Malik, Donald Glover and Dr. Oz.
  • Make it to regionals.
  • Convince GO Transit to institute a free snack car.
  • Catch all 649 Pokemon.
  • Get Community to six seasons.
  • View the Lady Godiva Memorial Bnad interrupt something (negative debates?)
  • Become rich selling notes that take themselves, and use the money to pay off everybody's tuition. Cause I'm nice like that.
  • Become a Level 50 Sword Master.
  • Redesign Toronto's waterfront, seriously too many condos.
  • Lead Rob Ford's high school football team to national foosball championship.
Finally, gotta give a shoutout to T-Magic and the boys in red (no that's not me in the picture).  Oh and the boys in blue also.
Here's to a great year for all of us. Enjoy frosh week, U of T. - Abdullah

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