When my dulcet tones grace the airwaves…

(...As if its 1950 all over again... Ahem. Anyway.)

Do any lifeatuoft readers listen to CIUTFM? Did to listen to Beyond The Classroom this week? On Monday, from 11-12?

Did you hear me? 😀

Yes? Yes? No? Oh 🙁

Earlier this week, my desk buddy and fellow intern, Jennifer, and I were asked to do a short interview about our internships by the lovely Shoaib Alli, co-host of Beyond The Classroom. We shared our experiences working in the student life office, and the kinds of things we do at work.

Let me tell you right now that I've always wanted to be on radio. When I got the email from Shoaib asking if I would like to go on his program for a short interview, I was ecstatic. It was a dream come true. A bucket list item done. A milestone moment. A coming of age. I was going to be famous!!!!!!

Okay, the last one is a stretch. But it was still exciting.

CIUTFM is located in Hart House. Studio 1 is in the Map Room, just off the Hub/Front Desk. The offices and other studios are on the third floor. Jennifer, Shoaib and I trekked to Studio 3, settled in and got started. It wasn't until I finished my little segment, walked out, checked my phone and read through the tweets and texts my friends and family (and my boss!) sent my way that I realized that I was just on the radio. I was just on the radio.

Hi Jenn!
One of the great things about CIUTFM is that it's U of T's very own radio station. It's run by volunteers, and everyone there is a part of U of T. Hosts and technicians can be students or staff. It's also alternative radio, so for those who are looking for something new to listen to, there's a whole slew of genres to choose from. They have programs like Beyond The Classroom that tell you all about... well, life beyond the classroom. Its also a strong part of U of T tradition - CIUTFM has been on air for over 40 years. 

When you're tired of mainstream radio, turn your dial to 89.5FM, and listen to some community radio. I've heard a lot of people say that they found new bands by listening to CIUTFM. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your new favourite band there too.

Meanwhile, I am going to commence with Operation: Join CIUTFM. Getting involved with the station is definitely something I would like to do before I graduate.

- Crystal

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