Ctrl Alt Del….U of T Reboots Webmail

I’ve written before on the user issues of U of T’s electronic communications. I appreciate the instant communications that cyber space allows, but I’m not the most techno-savvy person on campus and I sometimes find myself saying hmmmmm, when it comes to issues of electronic communications. We recently learned that U of T will be launching a new email platform and unfortunately for those who don’t like change, participation is mandatory. I’ve read through the FAQ’s on the webmail site and I've studied the steps needed to make the switch. It seems pretty straightforward…so why haven’t I done it yet. I’m scared. Not literally afraid of a new mail server, but reluctant to let go of the past. I am one the few people at U of T who’s webmail never left them in the lurch. My emails always forwarded to my smartphone without fail. I was never one of those students trying to convince they’re prof that they really hadn't received the email about how the assignment was due a week early. I like my webmail. The discussion about whether or not to switch is moot, since if you don’t sign up for the new email service by a certain date your old account will automatically switched for you. It’s a new year, so I’m going to stop resisting the change and embrace what I’m hoping will be a much more user friendly email platform that provides a more reliable service. Switching over, if you chose to do it early is easy. Once you receive the notification via email that you are eligible to switch over to the new system,  just go to the new UTmail site click on the "Activate Your Account Today" button, follow the prompts and Bob's your Uncle! Your email has just changed from UofT.student@utoronto.ca to UofT.student@mail.utoronto.ca The new mail service has more storage than the old webmail service and also has features like office apps and calendars. If you are techy and want all the details in techno-speak, then follow this link to the helpdesk's page which details the finer points of switching to the new mail service. Here's to a new and better email service...fingers crossed that I can make it work! -Lori

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