Five Ways to Kill Time During Your Study Break

I am trying to figure out why it is that some people have already had mid-terms, some are in the process of mid-terms, and people like me don’t have mid-terms until next week. No matter which category you fall into, I hope that this gives you some ideas to make the most of your study breaks. Now, when you are studying for countless hours, whether it is at home, in the library, or some other nook or cranny located on campus, you MUST take a break every now and again. I am sure you will go nuts if you don’t. But, when you are deep in thought and trying to remember dates or theories or formulas, what can you do to rest your brain for a few? Below, I present to you my top five ways to kill time during a study break.
  1. YouTube. There is basically an unlimited supply of mindless banter on this, the most popular video sharing site around, and you don’t need advanced Web 2.0 research skills to use it. I know that for myself, I have found quite a few gems out there that sure make me smile.
  2. Websites made to make you laugh. The two best that I have found are FailBlog and Damn You Autocorrect. Both provide a hoot and maybe even a holler, but try not to laugh too loud if you are in the library.
    Damn You Autocorrect
    A clip from Damn You Autocorrect
  3. Clean your apartment/room. I know this one doesn’t sound like fun, but when you are diving into the books every night your chores may pile up on you. Doing five or ten minutes of cleaning actually gets quite a bit done, and your roommates/parents/pets will thank you for it later. It also takes your mind off the books for a bit, and you can go back feeling accomplished.
  4. Play with your pet. I, personally, have a cat that likes to walk across my books while I am studying, because, you know, he is what should be important. So why not entertain him while I entertain myself. Dogs are also good if you need some immediate affection. Goldfish, not so much.
    My cat, Murphy
    My cat, Murphy
  5. Computer Games. These can actually be dangerous, but if you have sufficient will power they can be a great little escape from your knowledge-reality. I like to play Civilization V, NHL ’12, and Final Fantasy XIII. If you lack will power, like I do, this way to spend your study break time may in fact turn into a three-hour marathon trying to upgrade or breed your chocobo.
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy XIII
I hope that my short list helps you make the most of your short breaks. Just remember, you deserve it. No matter if you have a 2.0 GPA or pushing north of 3.8, we all need to take a break every now and again. I recommend taking a ten minute break for every two hours of studying – but that might just be me. I know that some people will require breaks more frequently, some less. I do know, however, that my need to take a break increases the longer I study for, sometimes 10 minutes an hour. But, we are entitled to it. Also, if you need help with study tips or how to improve your chances of being successful, check out the Academic Success Centre. What are your favourite ways to spend a study break? Share your ideas in my comment section! -Jon

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