Are you too old to trick or treat?!

Here comes Halloween!
Too old to trick or treat?! Maybe… But NOT too old to get dressed up!!! Halloween may be the only driving force dragging me through mid-October midterms, but I think I’ll make it. Looking back on Halloweens gone by I can see the PowerPoint of my fave costumes. Now I’ve always preferred to dress up with other people in group costumes: pigs, chickens, cabana pool boys, sheep and old ladies to name a few! This may seem like quite a few costumes, however the beauty of Halloween is that there are so many events to get dressed up for. Why wear just one costume when you can be something different each day leading up to the 31st! This month there are potential opportunities to wear a costume on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday. If that’s too many different outfits for you, why not dedicate some study break time now to making an epic costume to wear again and again!? Potential Events Agenda (i.e. ideas of sweet places to wear your nifty costume to!): Thursday October 27th- CLASS…what better way to entertain your colleagues and get some more wear time in. Friday October 28thFIESTA…have one of your friends host a costume party! Saturday October 29thSCARY SKATE (from 7:30pm-9pm bring your friends and enjoy some skating, games and refreshments at Varsity Centre!) Sunday October 30th STRETCH WORKS at Hart House…limber up after your big skate! Monday October 31st – YOUR FRONT DOOR! Buy some candy and check-out what the cool kids are wearing these days! If you’re short on ideas I just happen to know of a lady who has PLENTY of DIY Costume ideas – check up on Martha Stewart’s latest digs!   Later Skaters.  

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