Walk it out!

Round round get around I get around yeah” Ah yes, the Beach Boys with their 1964 words about transportation. For many reasons I really enjoy this song. Perhaps it’s the childlike dance it inspires in me with its catchy beat or maybe it's the lyrical talent. Later on in the song I find I lose grip with their meaning and here’s where "the Boys" and I disagree: “We always take my car cause it’s never been beat.” Always take the car? Seriously? I hope that’s because public transit in Hawthorne, California was sub-par in the early-mid 60s. Also, like cigarettes in that era, cars were probably seen as having "nothing wrong with them." Now, I’m giving myself a big pat on the back for leaving my car parked since Sunday (5 days!) and walking or TTCing my way around. I should mention that I haven’t travelled north of St. Clair, east of Yonge, south of Queen or west of Ossington, but that still leaves a fair chunk of terrain to be ambled! Just the other day I was hangin' with a friend down on Queen W. We were taking a study break when I got a text from another friend, who I was supposed to be meeting in 15 minutes, at Dupont! (This other friend had changed our meeting time, normally I'm quite punctual.) Anyways, I thought about my possible routes and decided TTC was my best bet. I got on the sub, headed north until Queen's Park, where the train broke down. Yep, three minutes before I was supposed to be at Dupont station. What did I do?! Went directly to jail, did not pass go and did not collect $200?! No. I ran! It took me less than 10 minutes too. Pretty proud of myself, must be all the extra walking that's improved my cardio! So in case you're on the fence, to walk more or not, I've got some pro's and con's to try to sway you: Up side of walking (or biking or running or anything physically active that gets you somewhere):
  • Exercising and getting somewhere you need to be at the same time is efficient!
  • You are helping the environment by burning calories not fossil fuels
  • Use it or lose it...your fitness that is!
  • In the lovely weather, we've had lately, you can soak up free Vitamin D and other health benefits.
  • You get to be outside!!! Yay!!! Not in a classroom!!! Yay!!! (This may become a con in the winter - unless you have Sorels and real warm gear!)
  • You can use the time to chat with friends, be social or find some solo sanity (to decompress from the weight of school and first assignments starting)
Down side:
  • It may take a longer time to get to some places (but if it's nice out, who cares?!)
  • Walking isn’t always intense enough exercise for the fitter people among us – meaning you may still have to take time to work out later (another study break!).
  • If you wear the wrong shoes because you choose fashion over foot sensation you pay for it – in blisters!
It’s your call whether you walk, ride, stand or drive. And I tip my to  the commuters out there; that can't be easy! But in these last beautiful days of sunshine and warmth, I’ll be leaving my keys at home (just the car ones hopefully), pullin' on a summer dress and soaking up the Vitamin D for as long as it lasts! TTFN p.s. if the Beach Boy’s weren’t inspiring for you, this Walk it Out video may do the trick!

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