The Monsters

I’m tired of talking about exams. Really tired.


I know they’re out there.

Looming in the distance.

Under my bed.

In my closet.

In the dark.

In my books.

In my laundry basket.


With their long creepy green fingers and large, shark-like teeth, they reach for me while grinning manically.


I know they are trying to get me.

There is nowhere to run.

Nowhere to hide.

No one to save me.


I can see them in other people’s faces.

In their tired eyes.

In their coffee-spiked, shaking hands.

In their worry lines.

In the drooping of their mouth.




They are one of the deadliest forces in of the world. They consume the mind of students – like a disease.


Be strong.

Be Fierce.



Trust no one.


 - Fariya


*Disclaimer: This is a one-sided view to exams and is not promoting exam hatred.

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  1. One of my high school teacher’s believed exams to be useless. You spew out all you’re supposed to know in two/three hours, while panicking, and often after cramming uselessly the night before. There are plenty of rebuttals to that, but, it’s a good point…

  2. I think exams are an unfair test of knowledge. To put students in a short-time, high pressured situation, with little resources, and grade them on their ability to memorize is very ineffective.

    I don’t mind exams so much, but the memorizing part I hate!

    Good point Liesl! 🙂