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To boldly go…

There’s a vastness to the University of Toronto that’s hard to comprehend until you’ve actually visited here. Buildings upon buildings upon buildings sprawling out across three campuses populated by tens of thousands of people from every corner of the planet. It can be intimidating, overwhelming, even a little scary.

But there are so many opportunities to get involved, to find community and make U of T your home away from home. And with the help of this new enterprise, a blog devoted to seeking out and exploring the Student Life experience, your U of T adventure should feel like less of a trek.

In the weeks and months and years to come we’ll bring you stories about events, activities and organizations that are happening right in your neighbourhood at U of T. Hopefully, you’ll discover that life on Planet U of T isn’t such a strange new world after all.

Welcome aboard.


   1. Romeo Alex - April 25, 2011

Finally a blog to give us info on all the events at UofT! I hope the list of events are very exhaustive and gives detailed info on everything!

   2. Blog admin - May 10, 2011

Hi Romeo – if you want a really exhaustive list of events, you should check out https://www.events.utoronto.ca. Just about everything that happens at U of T is listed here!