Baby it’s…warm…outside: giving your body some love this winter

What a spectacular time to be alive! I had the pleasure of giving my beautiful friend a beginner ski lesson the other day at Lakeridge Ski Resort and was ecstatic to be able to hit the slopes in jeans and only a couple of thin layers. I can’t be the only one loving this warm streak, not to mention all the sun. We had a blast and I was reminded of how much a girl can enjoy winter. Annette and friend on the chairlift at Lakeridge Ski Resort. So, since I can’t imagine we’ve seen the last of winter just yet, I thought I’d highlight some of the many things to do on campus as well as in and around Toronto to keep your body moving and enjoy this so-far-mild winter!

Practice, or Homework, Makes Perfect

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I can be a keener. This is odd because as a self-proclaimed and-still-struggling-procrastinator-who-has-had-an-unfortunate-history-of-not-being-able-to-keep-up-with-anything-type-of-person (long label, I know), it’s quite contradictory to claim that I’m also the total opposite. But, hear me out. Whenever I sign up…